Natural Feet Spa at Home

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Natural Feet Spa at Home -
Natural Feet Spa at Home –

Today, on OiB I will discuss about feet spas. There have been many feet spas that are too good for bringing about the natural and organic wellbeing of one’s feet. Feet are undoubtedly one of the most important parts of the body that represent both beauty as well as comfort. There are many people who can judge the habits of a person by the way they pamper and take care of things as little as their feet skin, nails etc.

Moreover, they also contribute to the comfort because if a person’s feet are well taken care of then they can feel painless and truly comfortable throughout their whole body.

This is why many foot spas have opened. These foot spa have their own natural settings and have become very popular as well. The thing is this that these foot spas can also be done at home to provide added comfort to them overall.

What Is the Ideology Behind Feet Spa Treatments?

Foot spa treatment is basically a very effective as well as natural and organic technique that is also very relaxing at the very same time. Your feet are soaked into warm water that has salt and many essential oils in it. The feet are then detoxified, scrubbed as well as massaged well. This also includes cleaning as well as putting nail pint, doing pedicures, or putting foot lotion simply as well.

Natural Feet Spa at Home -
Natural Feet Spa at Home –

Your DIY Feet Spa

A foot spa can be down twice once in every two to three days at home too. It requires very basic essentials like nail clippers, cuticle pushers, scissors, cuticle nippers, pumice stone, buffer, nail filers etc. There are also some advanced tools that can include foot baths, pedicure foot machine and such.

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  • Peppermint

Have a bowl of warm water with some scented bubbles in it and peppermint oil besides lavender oil for extra soothing effects. Soak your feet for five to ten minutes and then dry them with a clean and soft towel. Next you should clean of any dirt from your nails by clipping them, filing them, or cutting the cuticles as well.

  • Almond and Milk

You can soak your feet simply in the mixture of almond and milk. This will help to have soft feet. However, for this foot spa DIY treatment, the feet should be clean already. You can also add in 1 cup of powdered dairy or soy milk or almond oil as alternative too. A 10 min soaking action will do wonders for your feet and you do not need to rinse as well.

  • Epsom Salts

You can make any DIY foot spa mixture and add just one handful of Epsom salt in it. This will greatly help to reduce the swelling of your feet in no time.

Salt Ready For Body Scrub |

You also need to have some cleaning products for sterilization while a foot scrub, lotion, towel, and nail paints are always handy to have these treatments. So if you are looking forward to do your own natural treatment, try this DIY and comment how you feel below.

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