Kuala Lumpur, the Wicked City

Kuala Lumpur Malaysia
Kuala Lumpur, the Wicked City – Organicisbeautiful.com

My Kuala Lumpur tour has been long late as I planned it earlier this year to visit my friends there. But, never mind. The tropical city is one such place where you can travel all-round the year. It stands 7th amongst the top 10 magnificent cities of the world. And, if you are a foodie, you gonna love KL. The place is a foodie heaven, as you have ample of cafes, restaurants, eateries and street dining all around.


Get prepared to enjoy Durian. The food taste much better than it smells. Though it is forbidden in planes, hotels and taxis, but for all you Durian lovers, it is customary to enjoy a Durian Dinner. And, I personally love to enjoy this as my supper! The famous tropical fruit is just amazing.

Rice with Sambal | OrganicIsBeautiful
Rice with Sambal

Small dried fish curries when prepared with Nasi Lemak carry a yummy taste. I have tried this sumptuous national dish and I warmly recommend it for all.

You cannot ignore the street food of Kuala Lumpur. Do not be scared to taste it. It is warm and there are no chances for you to get sick. The same goes for beverages. I have enjoyed it several times and never had an upset stomach. You certainly don’t have to compromise with your health.

Wildlife OrganicIsBeautiful
Wildlife OrganicIsBeautiful

 Just like the food of KL, the etiquettes and local habits of this nature friendly city are amazing. Regardless of the openness to the global influence and urbanity of the city, KL is still conservative. Chiefly, any behaviour which attracts attention to the people concerned is generally avoided.

OH yes, exposure is a big no-no. You cannot show off your flesh in the public. The dress code os quite conservative and you’re bound to follow the standards. Even at places like beach and while pursuing sports, there are minimum standards to be compiled with. And, yes, when I entered my friend’s house, I had to remove my footwear. Your body language counts a lot. Yes, while greeting someone, you got to use both your hands. And another thing, you cannot touch someone’s head.

The public display of affection is a big no-no! Holding hands is fine, but you kissing are literally prohibited in the public!

But, how can you ignore the beauty of the nature’s paradise. The places of attraction of KL are simply stunning. The major iconic attractions of the city which define its tourism are Petronas Twin Towers, Batu Caves and Colossal Buddha. Right from the organic Lake Gardens to i-City Shah Alam, you’ve places which are mesmerizing and eye-dazzling.

Kuala Lumpur, the Wicked City – Organicisbeautiful.com

Petronas Twin Towers

Designed in 1998, the towers stand at 452m high. The design and look of the tower is inspired by Islamic art and architecture with a contemporary viewpoint, replicated by glass and steel façade.

Batu Caves

One of the best attractions of KL, this limestone hill comprises of three major caves and some smaller ones too. They are beautiful and exotic.

Menara KL Tower

The most known and famous landmark of KL, Menara KL Tower was made in 1994. This shimmering tower spindle apex is seen from almost all places of Kuala Lumpur.

Oh, alright… I personally had a great trip to the city and would love to recommend this tourist destination for all nature lovers.

Where have you traveled lately? Where do you want to go? 🙂 kuala lumpur

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Kuala Lumpur


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  1. A fellow KLite here! I was born, bred and raised in Kuala Lumpur and even though it’s not a perfect city, I love my hometown to death! Especially now that im residing in a neighbouring state of Selangor, I miss KL even more when im not there.😄

    I’m glad that you enjoyed the magnificient durian! Haha yeah I cant stand the pungent smell either, but any self-proclaimed Malaysian will never say no to the yummy taste of durian.

    Let me know if you’ll be visiting my country again. 😄

      1. You are welcome. 😊 Seriously, let me know when you’ll be here again next time. Maybe we could squeeze in some time for a lil beauty shopping, especially if you’re into Asian beauty brands.

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