How to Thread the Needle

Thread the Needle - Glutes Stretch | OrganicIsBeautiful

Everyone on the earth wants to live healthy and fresh, right? For keeping our body fit and sound, it’s very important to follow all the rules and regulations of a healthy lifestyle. But are we capable of doing so?
In this era of modern science, we’ve been busy so much with all our everyday works.

  • After waking up in the morning, we go to the washroom, take a breakfast, prepare for our working place, return home in the afternoon or evening, and take a bath, watch TV, make dinner and go to sleep – one of the most common types of everyday routines amongst us. We hardly have any time for taking care of ourselves. Such routine is almost unhealthy if you look closely.
  • In your workplace, you hardly follow any type of health rules. You might be eating junk food during lunch, sitting/working in a wrong way.

All these put a negative impact on yourself that results in all the anxiety, stress and various diseases. It’s scientifically proven that doing exercise for even 5 minutes every day will surely improve your physical and mental condition. Exercise is the best way to keep healthy and sound after all. Exercise requires a good amount of time, you may say. Well, here’s yoga to help you. It’s the least time- consuming yet extremely effective form of exercise that’s being improved for more than 5000 years!
Yes, it’s an ancient form of excessive perfection. There are numerous poses in the collection of yoga. Here, I’m sharing a good pose for stretching your back, hamstrings and your legs. It’s called Thread the Needle pose.
Step 1

Thread the Needle - Glutes Stretch | OrganicIsBeautiful
Thread the Needle – Glutes Stretch | OrganicIsBeautiful

 Lie down on the ground. Keep your legs long and together; your heels should be touching the ground. Relax both your hands on both sides of your body. Your head also should be relaxing. Firm your palms on the ground.

Press the ground to get some extra push while you bend your knees towards your chest. Keep your legs in a straight line with your shoulders. Put your feet on the air and your shin parallels with the ground. From your hips to your feet, your leg would look like an “L” shape.
Step 2

Thread the Needle - Glutes Stretch | OrganicIsBeautiful
Thread the Needle – Glutes Stretch | OrganicIsBeautiful

 Now, bend your left leg to bring your left foot over your right shin. It’s like you’re sitting on an
imaginary chair.
 Make sure that your left leg is perpendicular on your right leg.
 Keep your shoulders and head relaxed on the ground. Continue breathing gently and normally.

Step 3

Thread the Needle - Glutes Stretch | OrganicIsBeautiful
Thread the Needle – Glutes Stretch | OrganicIsBeautiful

 Bring both your palms under your right thigh. Keep your head on the ground and shoulders relaxed.  Make an interlocking finger squeeze with your hands. Ensure that your legs don’t move out of their position.
Step 4

Thread the Needle - Glutes Stretch | OrganicIsBeautiful
Thread the Needle – Glutes Stretch | OrganicIsBeautiful

 Pull your right leg with both your hands. Use your biceps to pull your legs.

 Ensure that your legs don’t displace their pose. Pull as much as you can. Now, you’re in Thread the Needle pose. Hold the pose for about 30-60 seconds. Then, release your leg and put them back on the ground. Now, do the same with your left leg.


This pose is very simple to do and it’s really specific to the glutes work.

This pose is really effective in stretching your hips, especially your piriformis muscles. Tension release in the hips area is essential to have a feel of ease throughout the entire body movement. This especially affects the knees and lower back. This pose can also be a gateway for you to more advanced yoga poses like Full Lotus or Pigeon pose. This pose is also good for keeping your anxiety and mental stress under control. In fact, this pose will surely get you free from all your concerns easily.

Make a flexible everyday routine that will allow you have some time to take care of yourself. This pose can easily be a part of that time.

Thank you,

Amanda 😉

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  1. I love flexibility. Although I typically dance as a way to get my daily exercise, I promise to try this Yoga pose. I looks easy enough, and will give me a way to add some variety to my daily exercise regimen. Thanks for sharing!!!

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