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We’ve come to know that physical exercises and workouts are the best ways to stay fit and sound. It’s always said that “A sound mind lives in a sound body”. That’s why all of us need to think about our fitness. But it’s a harsh truth that we hardly even take a look at our body and physical condition. The advanced, mechanical civilization has involved our minds in so many tasks, leaving a very small time to focus on ourselves. Most of the time, we take a look when we become sick. It’s high time we started doing regular workouts for a better and safer life. That said, there are numerous types of exercises to work on. Yoga is definitely one of the major types of exercise. It’s a huge collection of numerous poses and stretches that focus on the whole body, turning your muscles and joints flexible and strong. Yoga also helps you clear your mind from daily life stresses.

Interested? Here are some good yoga poses for you to increase your flexibility of your back, legs, and hips.

1. Alternating Knee to Chest Pose

 Lie down on the floor with your spine being in a neutral position. Bend your right knee and pull it towards your chest. Put your fingers on your shin – just underneath your knees. Pull your right leg with both your hands towards your chest.  Straighten your left leg on the ground without any knee bend. Put your heel touched on the ground.
 Keep your shoulder and neck relaxed. While pulling your shin, make sure to use your biceps.

 As you inhale, press your belly towards the thigh. This will put a pressure on the fat tissues.

 As you exhale, pull your belly from the thigh.

 Keep your head neutral and relaxed. Keep your shoulders balanced on both sides. Hold this pose for 2-3 minutes. Then, release your leg and stretch a little bit. Now, follow the same steps with your left leg. This pose is great for preventing any types of low back pains. It’s also excellent for stretching and stabilizing the pelvis and lower back.

2. Wind Reliving Pose

 Lie down on the mat. Keep your feet together and relax your arms on both sides of your body.

 Keep breathing gently. When you exhale, pull your right knee towards your chest. You’ll feel a pressure on your abdomen and belly from your right thigh. Use your right hand on your right shin to pull the leg.

 Now, gently pull your left leg in the same way. Bring both legs into the same position.

 Make a lock with your hands on both of your shins. Make a tight grip of your legs. Now, pull them towards your chest. Pull as much as you can.

 Keep your head neutral. Breathe in and breathe out normally. Stay in the pose for 1-2 minutes. Then, release the pose and straighten your legs on the ground.Continue doing the pose for several times.
This is very helpful for making your back and abdominal muscles stronger. It works as a massage for intestines and other abdominal organs. For having a better digestion, this pose is very helpful.
3. Reclining Bound Angle Pose

 Stand on the mat with a straight back. Spread your legs straight on your front and firm them on the ground. The heels should touch the ground. Keep your hands relaxed on both sides of your body.

 Lie down on the ground keeping your back straight. Your legs should be sticking on the ground.

 Bend your knees slightly and touch the soles of your feet, creating an “Anjali Mudra” with your feet. Keep your knees slightly over the ground.

 Relax your head and shoulders. Face your palms on the ground. Keep your arms straight.

 Close your eyes, take deep breaths and refresh your thoughts. Hold the pose for about 3-5 minutes. To release, sit back straight and straighten your legs. This is a good pose for refreshing your mind. It will also help you reduce your stress level and other tensions. This pose will also help you think properly and have more focus on your works.
4. Corpse Pose

Corpse Pose |
Corpse Pose |

 Sit on the mat keeping your body straight and your legs in front of you while your hands relax on both sides of your body.

 Lie down on the ground. Put your hands relaxed on each side. Your palms should be ~6 inches away from your body. Keep your legs straight and firm to the ground.

 Let your leg relax on the ground. You may use a pillow or a bolster under your knees for a variation. Using a bolster is also good for a better-relaxed pose.

 Breathe normally. Close your eyes and let your body drop heavy on the ground.

 Relax your jaws and face. Allow your eyes drop inside their sockets. Release all your thoughts and calm down your mind.
Wait for 5 minutes in the pose. You can use this pose as an extension for other types of exercise as well. For example, after doing a hard workout, you can relax and refresh yourself with this pose. It’s also very common and popular. This pose mostly focus on your physic part. During this pose, you drop all your tensions and invite peace and silence into your body and soul. This pose also relaxes other parts of your body thoroughly. If you’re new to yoga, this pose is very crucial for you. Why? Because it teaches you how to relax properly and maintain a good mental balance. If you’re a beginner, you should never skip this pose. Yoga is very relaxing and a fun part of the exercise.

If you want, you can make it as a regular part of your everyday chores very easily. These supine poses are very easy to perform while they provide so many physic benefits. All these poses will help you lead a better and more controlled lifestyle, no matter whatever you do or wherever you live. So, live well!


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