How to Seated Pose

Yoga benefits us to relax the whole body.

Different types of poses are available in yoga as well as every pose has its own unique benefits. Among those poses, seated poses provide us a wide range of advantages. The emotional and physical boost differ depending on the specific pose.

These seated poses include a large number of poses – Kneeling pose, Hero pose, Easy pose, Forward Stretchy Easy pose, Half Lotus pose and Full Lotus pose etc.

For stretching the spine and surrounding muscles, these poses are very useful. To increase the flexibility of the spine, to strengthen the muscles of the abdomen and to release tension, seated poses are the best ways. To gain the entire benefit of this poses we should include several poses in our practice.

Here, I have provided a few of seated poses which are easy to practice as well as much benefited for us 😉

1. Kneeling Pose

Kneeling Pose |
Kneeling Pose |

 Start by kneeling your feet and knees on the mat or floor. Keep your knees, ankles, and legs together. Be sure that your toes are aligned deferentially in a straight row. Release your toe nails to the mat.
 Put your buttock gently on your heels and lift your abdomen away from the top of your things.

 Stretch your spine upwards from your back to your head.
 Place your hands in “Anjali Mudra” position.

 Exhale and inhale gently as well as allow your body and mind to relax entirely. Hold 2 minutes or stay in this pose as long as you like. Afterwards, release the legs, bounce those down and up as well as rub the backs of your knees. This pose will wonderfully tone your hips, ankles, and legs. This pose will help you to strengthen your back, spine, improve blood circulation as well as will help to tone the muscles of the things and hips.

2. Hero Pose

 Start by kneeling on your mat. Bend your keens, sit on your buttocks and keep your feet separately.

 Place your feet a little bit wider than your hips width. If you feel painful on the top of your feet, use a thin blanket.

 Be sure your toe’s nails are able to touch the mat.

 Bend your knees slightly, sit or put your lower buttocks on the floor. Be sure that the inner sides of your calves are able to touch your outer things.

 Place your hands in a prayer position. Hold this pose for about 1 to 5 minutes. To come out of this posture, lift your buttocks gently and at the same time, raise one knee and straighten your legs slowly. This pose is beneficial to increase flexibility in hips and knees, tone the feet muscles and increase blood circulation of the legs and feet.
3. Easy Pose

 Sit on the mat and extend your legs in front of your body.

 Then bend your knees, cross your legs in front of you at the shins.

 Stretch your spine upwards to the neck.

 Keep your hands on your things, pointing your palm towards to the ceiling. Hold this pose for 1 to 3 minutes, inhale and exhale gently. Change the cross of your legs after completing. This pose stretches the knees, ankles, and strengthens the back. It also helps to open the outer thigh muscles, groin and hips. As this pose’s role is sitting with our spine aligned, this helps us to reduce anxiety, stress and calm our mind.
4. Forward Stretch Easy Pose

 Sit normally on the mat. Spread your legs on your front and keep your body straight up. Now, cross your legs in your shins. Put your knees wide apart. Ensure that your spine, neck, and spine are all in the same alignment.

 As you inhale, lift both of your hands upwards, st

retching your spine further.

 Now, with an exhalation, slowly bow forward while your arms are still extended. Touch the ground with your head, elbow, and forearms. You can also put a pillow or a bolster where you touch your ground. Wait into the pose for around 5 minutes.

To release, use your hands to press on the ground and pull yourself back into the seated position. Now, change the cross of your legs and redo the steps again. It’s a great pose for relaxation. It stretches your spine, your back and increases your upper body flexibility.

5. Half Lotus Pose


 Stand straight on the mat. Put your legs in front of you straight. Now, cross your legs in Indian style. Use your hands to carefully put your left foot on the right thigh and your right foot under left thigh.

 Push the ground with your hip bones while your head stretching upwards, lengthening the spine more. Press the chest forward and keep your shoulders down and relaxed.

 Put your hands together like “Anjali Mudra”. Close your eyes, relax your mind and take deep breaths, holding them as long as possible. Hold the pose for several minutes. Then, uncross your legs and do the opposite followed by these steps. It’s a good exercise for breathing and relaxing your mind. You’ll also have a fresh mind and cheerful mode to enjoy your rest of the day.

6. Full Lotus Pose

 Sit on the mat with your extended legs and straight back. Keep your arms relaxed on both sides of your body.

 Carefully put your left foot on your right thigh. Now, bring your right foot on your left thigh, keeping your left shin under it.
 Close your feet to your groins as much as possible. Push your heads upwards and stretch your spine. Keep your shoulders relaxed and free.

 Make an “Anjali Mudra” with your hands. Calm your mind, close your eyes and take deep breaths.

Continue the pose for around 5 minutes. To release, straighten your legs and relax your body.
With this pose, you’ll be able to find out the stability of your mind. Willing to refresh your mind after a stressful day? Take on this pose before sleep and find all your strength back on the next morning. Seated poses are easy and mind calming as well. Practice them regularly to maintain a happy mode all the time.

Thank you for stopping, and as usual, have a lovely day 🙂


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