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How to Seated Pose

Yoga benefits us to relax the whole body.

Different types of poses are available in yoga as well as every pose has its own unique benefits. Among those poses, seated poses provide us a wide range of advantages. The emotional and physical boost differ depending on the specific pose.

These seated poses include a large number of poses – Kneeling pose, Hero pose, Easy pose, Forward Stretchy Easy pose, Half Lotus pose and Full Lotus pose etc.

For stretching the spine and surrounding muscles, these poses are very useful. To increase the flexibility of the spine, to strengthen the muscles of the abdomen and to release tension, seated poses are the best ways. To gain the entire benefit of this poses we should include several poses in our practice.

Here, I have provided a few of seated poses which are easy to practice as well as much benefited for us 😉

1. Kneeling Pose

Kneeling Pose |
Kneeling Pose |

 Start by kneeling your feet and knees on the mat or floor. Keep your knees, ankles, and legs together. Be sure that your toes are aligned deferentially in a straight row. Release your toe nails to the mat.
 Put your buttock gently on your heels and lift your abdomen away from the top of your things.

 Stretch your spine upwards from your back to your head.
 Place your hands in “Anjali Mudra” position.

 Exhale and inhale gently as well as allow your body and mind to relax entirely. Hold 2 minutes or stay in this pose as long as you like. Afterwards, release the legs, bounce those down and up as well as rub the backs of your knees. This pose will wonderfully tone your hips, ankles, and legs. This pose will help you to strengthen your back, spine, improve blood circulation as well as will help to tone the muscles of the things and hips.

2. Hero Pose

 Start by kneeling on your mat. Bend your keens, sit on your buttocks and keep your feet separately.

 Place your feet a little bit wider than your hips width. If you feel painful on the top of your feet, use a thin blanket.

 Be sure your toe’s nails are able to touch the mat.

 Bend your knees slightly, sit or put your lower buttocks on the floor. Be sure that the inner sides of your calves are able to touch your outer things.

 Place your hands in a prayer position. Hold this pose for about 1 to 5 minutes. To come out of this posture, lift your buttocks gently and at the same time, raise one knee and straighten your legs slowly. This pose is beneficial to increase flexibility in hips and knees, tone the feet muscles and increase blood circulation of the legs and feet.
3. Easy Pose

 Sit on the mat and extend your legs in front of your body.

 Then bend your knees, cross your legs in front of you at the shins.

 Stretch your spine upwards to the neck.

 Keep your hands on your things, pointing your palm towards to the ceiling. Hold this pose for 1 to 3 minutes, inhale and exhale gently. Change the cross of your legs after completing. This pose stretches the knees, ankles, and strengthens the back. It also helps to open the outer thigh muscles, groin and hips. As this pose’s role is sitting with our spine aligned, this helps us to reduce anxiety, stress and calm our mind.
4. Forward Stretch Easy Pose

 Sit normally on the mat. Spread your legs on your front and keep your body straight up. Now, cross your legs in your shins. Put your knees wide apart. Ensure that your spine, neck, and spine are all in the same alignment.

 As you inhale, lift both of your hands upwards, st

retching your spine further.

 Now, with an exhalation, slowly bow forward while your arms are still extended. Touch the ground with your head, elbow, and forearms. You can also put a pillow or a bolster where you touch your ground. Wait into the pose for around 5 minutes.

To release, use your hands to press on the ground and pull yourself back into the seated position. Now, change the cross of your legs and redo the steps again. It’s a great pose for relaxation. It stretches your spine, your back and increases your upper body flexibility.

5. Half Lotus Pose


 Stand straight on the mat. Put your legs in front of you straight. Now, cross your legs in Indian style. Use your hands to carefully put your left foot on the right thigh and your right foot under left thigh.

 Push the ground with your hip bones while your head stretching upwards, lengthening the spine more. Press the chest forward and keep your shoulders down and relaxed.

 Put your hands together like “Anjali Mudra”. Close your eyes, relax your mind and take deep breaths, holding them as long as possible. Hold the pose for several minutes. Then, uncross your legs and do the opposite followed by these steps. It’s a good exercise for breathing and relaxing your mind. You’ll also have a fresh mind and cheerful mode to enjoy your rest of the day.

6. Full Lotus Pose

 Sit on the mat with your extended legs and straight back. Keep your arms relaxed on both sides of your body.

 Carefully put your left foot on your right thigh. Now, bring your right foot on your left thigh, keeping your left shin under it.
 Close your feet to your groins as much as possible. Push your heads upwards and stretch your spine. Keep your shoulders relaxed and free.

 Make an “Anjali Mudra” with your hands. Calm your mind, close your eyes and take deep breaths.

Continue the pose for around 5 minutes. To release, straighten your legs and relax your body.
With this pose, you’ll be able to find out the stability of your mind. Willing to refresh your mind after a stressful day? Take on this pose before sleep and find all your strength back on the next morning. Seated poses are easy and mind calming as well. Practice them regularly to maintain a happy mode all the time.

Thank you for stopping, and as usual, have a lovely day 🙂

Thread the Needle - Glutes Stretch | OrganicIsBeautiful

How to Thread the Needle

Everyone on the earth wants to live healthy and fresh, right? For keeping our body fit and sound, it’s very important to follow all the rules and regulations of a healthy lifestyle. But are we capable of doing so?
In this era of modern science, we’ve been busy so much with all our everyday works.

  • After waking up in the morning, we go to the washroom, take a breakfast, prepare for our working place, return home in the afternoon or evening, and take a bath, watch TV, make dinner and go to sleep – one of the most common types of everyday routines amongst us. We hardly have any time for taking care of ourselves. Such routine is almost unhealthy if you look closely.
  • In your workplace, you hardly follow any type of health rules. You might be eating junk food during lunch, sitting/working in a wrong way.

All these put a negative impact on yourself that results in all the anxiety, stress and various diseases. It’s scientifically proven that doing exercise for even 5 minutes every day will surely improve your physical and mental condition. Exercise is the best way to keep healthy and sound after all. Exercise requires a good amount of time, you may say. Well, here’s yoga to help you. It’s the least time- consuming yet extremely effective form of exercise that’s being improved for more than 5000 years!
Yes, it’s an ancient form of excessive perfection. There are numerous poses in the collection of yoga. Here, I’m sharing a good pose for stretching your back, hamstrings and your legs. It’s called Thread the Needle pose.
Step 1

Thread the Needle - Glutes Stretch | OrganicIsBeautiful
Thread the Needle – Glutes Stretch | OrganicIsBeautiful

 Lie down on the ground. Keep your legs long and together; your heels should be touching the ground. Relax both your hands on both sides of your body. Your head also should be relaxing. Firm your palms on the ground.

Press the ground to get some extra push while you bend your knees towards your chest. Keep your legs in a straight line with your shoulders. Put your feet on the air and your shin parallels with the ground. From your hips to your feet, your leg would look like an “L” shape.
Step 2

Thread the Needle - Glutes Stretch | OrganicIsBeautiful
Thread the Needle – Glutes Stretch | OrganicIsBeautiful

 Now, bend your left leg to bring your left foot over your right shin. It’s like you’re sitting on an
imaginary chair.
 Make sure that your left leg is perpendicular on your right leg.
 Keep your shoulders and head relaxed on the ground. Continue breathing gently and normally.

Step 3

Thread the Needle - Glutes Stretch | OrganicIsBeautiful
Thread the Needle – Glutes Stretch | OrganicIsBeautiful

 Bring both your palms under your right thigh. Keep your head on the ground and shoulders relaxed.  Make an interlocking finger squeeze with your hands. Ensure that your legs don’t move out of their position.
Step 4

Thread the Needle - Glutes Stretch | OrganicIsBeautiful
Thread the Needle – Glutes Stretch | OrganicIsBeautiful

 Pull your right leg with both your hands. Use your biceps to pull your legs.

 Ensure that your legs don’t displace their pose. Pull as much as you can. Now, you’re in Thread the Needle pose. Hold the pose for about 30-60 seconds. Then, release your leg and put them back on the ground. Now, do the same with your left leg.


This pose is very simple to do and it’s really specific to the glutes work.

This pose is really effective in stretching your hips, especially your piriformis muscles. Tension release in the hips area is essential to have a feel of ease throughout the entire body movement. This especially affects the knees and lower back. This pose can also be a gateway for you to more advanced yoga poses like Full Lotus or Pigeon pose. This pose is also good for keeping your anxiety and mental stress under control. In fact, this pose will surely get you free from all your concerns easily.

Make a flexible everyday routine that will allow you have some time to take care of yourself. This pose can easily be a part of that time.

Thank you,

Amanda 😉

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How to Supine

We’ve come to know that physical exercises and workouts are the best ways to stay fit and sound. It’s always said that “A sound mind lives in a sound body”. That’s why all of us need to think about our fitness. But it’s a harsh truth that we hardly even take a look at our body and physical condition. The advanced, mechanical civilization has involved our minds in so many tasks, leaving a very small time to focus on ourselves. Most of the time, we take a look when we become sick. It’s high time we started doing regular workouts for a better and safer life. That said, there are numerous types of exercises to work on. Yoga is definitely one of the major types of exercise. It’s a huge collection of numerous poses and stretches that focus on the whole body, turning your muscles and joints flexible and strong. Yoga also helps you clear your mind from daily life stresses.

Interested? Here are some good yoga poses for you to increase your flexibility of your back, legs, and hips.

1. Alternating Knee to Chest Pose

 Lie down on the floor with your spine being in a neutral position. Bend your right knee and pull it towards your chest. Put your fingers on your shin – just underneath your knees. Pull your right leg with both your hands towards your chest.  Straighten your left leg on the ground without any knee bend. Put your heel touched on the ground.
 Keep your shoulder and neck relaxed. While pulling your shin, make sure to use your biceps.

 As you inhale, press your belly towards the thigh. This will put a pressure on the fat tissues.

 As you exhale, pull your belly from the thigh.

 Keep your head neutral and relaxed. Keep your shoulders balanced on both sides. Hold this pose for 2-3 minutes. Then, release your leg and stretch a little bit. Now, follow the same steps with your left leg. This pose is great for preventing any types of low back pains. It’s also excellent for stretching and stabilizing the pelvis and lower back.

2. Wind Reliving Pose

 Lie down on the mat. Keep your feet together and relax your arms on both sides of your body.

 Keep breathing gently. When you exhale, pull your right knee towards your chest. You’ll feel a pressure on your abdomen and belly from your right thigh. Use your right hand on your right shin to pull the leg.

 Now, gently pull your left leg in the same way. Bring both legs into the same position.

 Make a lock with your hands on both of your shins. Make a tight grip of your legs. Now, pull them towards your chest. Pull as much as you can.

 Keep your head neutral. Breathe in and breathe out normally. Stay in the pose for 1-2 minutes. Then, release the pose and straighten your legs on the ground.Continue doing the pose for several times.
This is very helpful for making your back and abdominal muscles stronger. It works as a massage for intestines and other abdominal organs. For having a better digestion, this pose is very helpful.
3. Reclining Bound Angle Pose

 Stand on the mat with a straight back. Spread your legs straight on your front and firm them on the ground. The heels should touch the ground. Keep your hands relaxed on both sides of your body.

 Lie down on the ground keeping your back straight. Your legs should be sticking on the ground.

 Bend your knees slightly and touch the soles of your feet, creating an “Anjali Mudra” with your feet. Keep your knees slightly over the ground.

 Relax your head and shoulders. Face your palms on the ground. Keep your arms straight.

 Close your eyes, take deep breaths and refresh your thoughts. Hold the pose for about 3-5 minutes. To release, sit back straight and straighten your legs. This is a good pose for refreshing your mind. It will also help you reduce your stress level and other tensions. This pose will also help you think properly and have more focus on your works.
4. Corpse Pose

Corpse Pose |
Corpse Pose |

 Sit on the mat keeping your body straight and your legs in front of you while your hands relax on both sides of your body.

 Lie down on the ground. Put your hands relaxed on each side. Your palms should be ~6 inches away from your body. Keep your legs straight and firm to the ground.

 Let your leg relax on the ground. You may use a pillow or a bolster under your knees for a variation. Using a bolster is also good for a better-relaxed pose.

 Breathe normally. Close your eyes and let your body drop heavy on the ground.

 Relax your jaws and face. Allow your eyes drop inside their sockets. Release all your thoughts and calm down your mind.
Wait for 5 minutes in the pose. You can use this pose as an extension for other types of exercise as well. For example, after doing a hard workout, you can relax and refresh yourself with this pose. It’s also very common and popular. This pose mostly focus on your physic part. During this pose, you drop all your tensions and invite peace and silence into your body and soul. This pose also relaxes other parts of your body thoroughly. If you’re new to yoga, this pose is very crucial for you. Why? Because it teaches you how to relax properly and maintain a good mental balance. If you’re a beginner, you should never skip this pose. Yoga is very relaxing and a fun part of the exercise.

If you want, you can make it as a regular part of your everyday chores very easily. These supine poses are very easy to perform while they provide so many physic benefits. All these poses will help you lead a better and more controlled lifestyle, no matter whatever you do or wherever you live. So, live well!

Twisting Forward Stretch

How to Twisting

There are many critical organs in our body that help us perform all the natural works normally. For leading a healthy and athletic life, we need to keep our organs in the best shape possible. Having a good physical condition is very important, especially in this age of modern civilisation. But it’s a matter of fact that we, often times, forget to take care of our body. That’s why we suffer from many different physical issues. With an unfit body, you won’t be able to focus on your works. You’re prone to mistakes and that will only make your condition worse. Some of the most common types of physical conditions are back pain, headache, mental disturbance etc. that suck away all the fun out of life.
Yoga is obviously a great choice for you to get rid of such possible situations. It’s a lightweight workout form that doesn’t take too much effort. It can be a good companion of your physical condition to be in perfect shape. Here, I’m sharing some twisted yoga poses that specialize in flexibility and mental stability.
1. Revolved Easy Pose

 Sit on the mat in the “Easy Pose”. Your legs should be crossed, knees wide apart and your crown directly on your spine.

 Put equal pressure on both of your sit bones. Stretch your spine while keeping your neck soft and relaxed. Your feet and thigh also will be relaxing.

 Put your right palm on the floor towards your backside. As you exhale, slowly twist your body towards your right side. With each inhale, stretch your spine. Continue the process until you reach your limit.

 Put your left hand on your right knee to get extra torque for your twisting. Don’t twist hard – force gently.

 Make sure that your head is aligned with your tailbone in a straight line. Hold this pose for around 10 breaths. Then, slowly return your body to normal. Now, change your leg cross and follow the same direction on the opposite side of your body. It’s a great pose for having a relaxation after any stressful work. This pose forces on your back muscles and spine, allowing your body gain more flexibility.
2. Sage Twist Pose

Sage Twist | OrganicIsBeautiful
Sage Twist | OrganicIsBeautiful

 As you inhale, stretch your front torso by lifting the top of your sternum. As you exhale, put your left hip on or close to the ground while your torso twists gently towards the right. Stretch your tailbone downwards the floor. Relax your belly.
 Put the fingertips of your left hand under the right knee. Put your right hand on the floor behind your right buttock. Keep your shoulder blades firm against your back as you continue twisting further to the right.

 Move your face towards your right shoulder. If you want, you can also keep your face in a neutral position.

 With every inhalation, pull your sternum upwards a little bit and with every exhalation, twist your body further. Stay in the pose for about 30-60 seconds. With an exhalation, return to the normal sitting pose. Now, do the same on another side of your body. This pose will stretch your spine, shoulders, and hips. If you’re suffering from lower backache, sciatica or neck pain, this pose will help you get rid of them.

3. Revolved Abdomen Pose

 Lie flat on the mat or the floor. Stretch your spine and push your lower back on the ground. Keep your arms shoulder height and face your palms on the floor.

 As you exhale, pull both knees towards your chest. As you inhale, spread your breath in your chest. Now, gently put your knees on the right side of your body.

 Put your face on your left side, keeping both your shoulder blades touching the ground. Breathe gently, Hold this pose for 2-3 minutes. Then, put your legs straight on the ground. Now, continue the same steps on the other side of you.

This pose will improve your flexibility in shoulders, hips, lower back, and spine. This also strengthens the back and spine along with abdomen muscles.

4. Seated Wide Legged Forward Fold with a Twist

 Sit on the mat with your legs stretched in front of you. Keep your body and spine straight.

 Put your right leg a bit right that your right shoulder. Bend your left knee, bring your left foot to your left groin.

 Touch your right foot with both your hands. Make a good grip.

 Bend your body towards your right knee. Try to touch your knee with your nose. Feel the pull in your hamstrings and leg muscles. Hold this pose for 1-2 minutes. Then, release the grip and relax your right leg. Now, follow the same steps with your left leg. This pose is very helpful for increasing your flexibility. It stretches your hamstrings, abdomen muscles and your leg thoroughly. This pose is also good for relaxing any muscle pull in your legs.

5. Twisting Forward Stretch

Twisting Forward Stretch
Twisting Forward Stretch – Organicisbeautiful

 Sit on the mat with your head to hip straight and your legs spread in front of you. Keep your feet hip wide. Put equal weight on your buttocks.

 Twist your body towards the right. But your heels should be touching the ground. Turn your face towards the same direction, as much as possible.

 Widen your right arm towards the right. Pull your right leg up the ground. Keep it straight and firm.

 Use your left arm to have a grip on the right foot. Pull your leg with your arm.

 Keep your shoulder firm. Hold the pose for 1-2 minutes. When you’re finished, release your leg and return your body to the normal sitting pose. Now, do the same with your left side and left leg. This pose is really good at stretching your shoulders, neck and lower back. It also stretches your leg muscles. This pose is good for relieving back pain, hand muscle strain etc. With all these poses, you’ll be able to have a more flexible body and more strength in your muscles. Integrate them into your everyday routine and you’ll feel the change very well.


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How to Yoga Poses for Backs

Back is one of the most important parts of our body that has made us human – allowing us to stand
straight. Our backs also support some of the very important organs, like spine, our head, and hips. As it’s a part of our body, we have to take care of it like that. Unfortunately, because of our bad habits, we
often get back pain – one of the nastiest, disgusting feelings that turns everything into hell. Back pain is one of the common complaints – most of us have become a victim of it. This pain is usually caused by lifestyle habits, such as, sitting with poor posture on the couch or working long hours at a desk job. Sometimes, this pain is only temporary but in some cases, maybe much more debilitating. In a serious situation, medical advice is necessary. However, we can get rid of such pain by strengthening the
back. By improving the circulation of the nerves and spine, we can relieve this pain easily.

The good news is, yoga posture can help us a lot. These yoga postures will help you get a painless back.

1. Sphinx Pose

 Get started by putting your stomach on the mat, keeping your feet at a comfortable distance.
 Keep yourself up above your arms. Your elbow should be down to your shoulder, a little bit forward if necessary.
 Keep your forearms parallel to each other, or a slight together according to your comfort.
 Pull your head and chest up while dropping the shoulder blades and pulling arms back mildly. You’ll feel a slight pressure on your spine.
 Let your legs to take the pose further ahead – push the mat with your feet top and pull the knee caps.
 Hold the pose while keeping your jaws and eyes relaxed.

After holding on up to 30-60 seconds, you can return back to normal – exhale slowly and put your body
into relaxed mode. You can put your forehead on your arms as well.

2. Cat-Cow Pose

 Put your hands straight down to your shoulder along with your wrists and keep your knees under your hips directly. Keep your fingers pointed straight to the top. Keep your shins and knees apart hip-width. Bend your head downwards softly while keeping the head in a neutral position.
 Then, approach to the Cow pose. While you inhale, relax your belly to go towards the mat. Pull up your chin and chest, gazing up towards the ceiling.
 Spread your shoulder blades and draw the shoulders wide from your ears.
 Change into the Cat pose. As you exhale, push your belly to your back and round your back aligned with the ceiling. This pose is best described as a cat that’s stretching its back.
 Ease your crown of your head towards the floor but don’t put force to your chin to your chest.
Thus, this cycle can continue – inhale into Cow pose, exhale into Cat pose. Do this for 10-20 times and rest by sitting back on your heels, keeping your torso upright.

3. Camel Pose

Camel Pose explained |
Camel Pose explained |

 Sit on your knees, keeping them hip wide apart. Keep your body upright and your toes tucked under your heel.
 Put your hands on your lower back while your fingers pointing to the ground.
 Make sure that your hands and your hips aligned with your shoulder. As you inhale, push your tailbone towards the pubis, like your navel pulling it outwards.
 Start bending your back towards your thighs and try to touch your heel. Continue bending until you can touch keeping your entire arm straight.
Make sure not to push your neck – keep it in a neutral pose. If you’re flexible enough, you can start
laying your feet down on the mat, like in the “Camel Pose – 2”. Hold the pose for 30-60 seconds. Then, gently exhale and come back to the initial pose from step 1.

4. Seated Forward Fold

 Sit gently, keeping your legs spread in front and your arms put normally under your shoulder. There should be no bend in your back.
 Raise your hands upwards, stretching your spine. Now, start bending slowing towards your feet.
Make sure that your entire legs are kept parallel to each other. Put your heels, knees touched on the ground.
 Continue bending unless you reach your limit where you can bend no longer. Generally, you can
touch your feet with your hand and grab it for an extra pull to your bending. If you can’t, just try to keep your hands straight towards your feet.
 Breathe gently. With every exhale, push yourself a little bit forward, lengthening your spine a bit.
Stay in the pose for 1-2 minutes. You can stay longer if you want. After that, gently return to normal
sitting position, the backward steps when you were bending.

5. Seated Spinal Twist

Seated Spinal Twist |
Seated Spinal Twist |

 Start with sitting with a straight back. Let both your legs spread straight in front of you.
 Your right foot should be on the left of your left thigh. Return your left foot to your right hip as well.
 Keep your right fingertips to your backside, while you bring your left knee towards your chest.
 As you inhale, sit up tall. As you exhale, twist your body anti-clockwise from the bottom of your spine.
 For twisting a bit deeper, put your left elbow outside of the right knee, allowing you more twisting.
You can hold on to this pose for 5-10 breaths. Then, gently return to normal state. You can easily do the
same with the other side of your body, allowing your spine twist in both directions and balancing its position.

With all these steps, you can easily make sure that you have a fit and flexible back that can suit any
situation. By doing these steps on a regular basis, you can reduce the chance of getting a back pain up to
almost 0%. Just make sure that you follow them properly, granting extreme flexibility to your back.

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