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[Citrus Serie] 8 reasons you want to drink lemon water in the morning

Did you know that lemons have more potassium than apples or grapes? This interesting fact is just one of the many reasons why drinking lemon juice every morning can impact your health.
Starting your day with lemon juice is an excellent way to boost vitality, increase energy and cleanse out your system.

Supports the immune system:

The juice of half a lemon in a glass of water is rich in vitamin C, which helps boost the immune system and assists the body in fighting colds and flu.  ability to absorb iron,

Aids digestion:

Good digestion is truly the root of good health.

Lemon and water strengthens the digestive system, especially stomach acid. It encourages the liver to produce bile and stimulates bowel movements. It helps cleanse the bowel by flushing out waste more efficiently and stimulates the release of gastric juices, which aid digestion. The digestive qualities of lemon juice can also help relieve symptoms of indigestion, heartburn and bloating.

Limes & lemons organicisbeautiful
Limes & lemons (Image credit: Gourmet Sleuth)

Detoxifies the liver:

As mentione above, Lemon water acts as a liver cleanser by assisting in detoxification. Lemon water can also help control excess bile flow; decrease the amount of phlegm produced by the body.

Repairs skin:

Lemons are great for combating skin ageing, It is a fact: lemons are rich in vitamin C. As we know, vitamin C is among a few that selected exception that can treat multiple skincare concerns.

Warning:. When part of a beauty treatment, make sure to stay away from using too much of it as it may cause serious sunburn in your skin. People with a light or fair complexion mostly experience this issue.

Natural Preservatives
Lemon Water | OrganicIsBeautiful

Reduces appetite:

Lemons contain pectin, a soluble fiber commonly found in citrus fruits. No lemons, you can go ahead and have grapefruits for instance. They all contains Pectin that helps stave off hunger as the fiber creates a feeling of fullness, which results in the suppression of hunger cravings.

Balances pH levels:

Lemons are one of the most alkalising foods for the body and a good pH level is essential as too much acidity in the body can be inflammatory. “Lemon water is very alkalising and most of us have acidic bodies,” Chevalley Hedge says. “Educated foodies still think of lemons as being acidic when

Cleanses the urinary tract:

Lemon juice is a diuretic, meaning it encourages the production of urine. As a result, toxins are released at a faster rate, helping to purify the system and keep it healthy. Lemon juice can also change the pH level of the urinary tract which discourages the proliferation of bad bacteria.

Freshens breath:

The antiseptic qualities in lemon juice help kill off bad bacteria in the mouth by acting as a disinfectant.

It has stronger result when combined with Peppermint essential oil already talked about the benefit of a glass of lemon water integrated in a healthier morning, a wake-you-up better than coffee!

TIPS: To protect your teeth drink through a straw- as lemon is acidic until it is digested by the body.


Did you say “Organic”?

If you ask if organic products are better than industrial one, I would say it’s a personal choice. These days I am much more aware of the list of ingredients of the products that I purchase. I am the one standing in the aisle of the corner supermarket reading the fine print on the bottle of limoncello or the jar of pack of biscuits.

Someday soon, I like to thing we will all be standing in the aisles reading labels. (Picture credit: The9billion)
Someday soon, I like to thing we will all be standing in the aisles reading labels. (Picture credit: The9billion)

Organic = Vegan !

Most of my friends associate it to the vegan food:

Watermelon is also my favorite fruit! (Photo credit: thrivingvegetarian) [url=][img][/img][/url] [url=][img][/img][/url]
Watermelon is also my favorite fruit! (Photo credit: thrivingvegetarian)

There are strong cliché inherent to the word “Organic”. In people mind, “Organic” refers to what you eat, rather than what you put on your skin.

Most of my friends associate it to the vegan food & the silly jokes we have all heard at least once. My favorite one (apologising in advance for my twerk sense of humor) is:

“I’m going to eat some meat and dedicate it to PETA”

Definition of “organic“.

It is the way farmers grow and process agricultural products, such as fruits, vegetables, grains, dairy products and meat. The final goal is to soil and water conservation and reduces pollution.

You could go out for lunch and have roasted vegetable wraps and mushroom burgers and fancy grilled cheeses with truffle butter or artisan fig preserves, it would not automatically means you eat organic.

Or, you could have the local Banana leaf vegetarian curry.
Or, you could have the local Banana leaf vegetarian curry.

Organic = happy hippy !

Apart from the above association to vegan cuisine, “organic” is also often associated to the hippy lifestyle or of full adhesion to nature.

Not that we should all defy the odds, live in the backwoods of an abandonned farm!

Hippies in the 1960’s
Hippies in the 1960’s

Organic = Personal choice !

Broadly speaking, the word “organic” is synonymous with a bunch of others common terms. The non-exhaustive list below regroups the one that come straight from my mind, though there must be much more:

  • Labels
  • Ethically clothing brands sourcing
  • Handmade/Homemade Craft
  • Green cosmetics aka 100% natural
  • Free of preservatives, adulteration and artificial flavors.

I personally relate it more to the last two.

I see organic as a generic term, it encompasses much more than a label or an industrial sector. It may sound overrated, for me it is more of a philosophy of life, the idea of balance in harmony with nature.

Organic Green washing.

Much to my surprise, anyone can use the term “natural” or “organic” when it comes to cosmetics.

Buying organic herbs from the produce section of a grocery store guarantees that they were produced under certain circumstances. However, if I step into the cosmetics aisle of the same store and see a product claiming to be organic and containing organic herbal extracts, there is no guarantee at all that it is true.

From parabens (chemicals linked to cancer) to petroleum waxes, an ordinary lotion can contain quite a toxic mixture.

Unfortunately, there is no global definition for green as it pertains to cosmetics and skin care product regulation, although it is often assumed that a green product adheres a variety of eco-friendly philosophies.

I believe in what I see

(Photo credit:
(Photo credit:

I just believe that whatever you put in your system, you are going to see it on your body and your face.

Well, I like to know what I eat, what I apply on my skin. This innocent curiosity turned into a hobby. Traveling has helped too in many ways. I get to meet local producers and discover new (or what I consider new for me) chemical-free ways to grow plants, herbs or veggie. In Malaysia and the neighboring countries. I can ask direct questions and understand any fundamental healing, calming properties about a specific plants and integrate them in my daily skin and health care routine.

There is no magical trick: it is a learning curve to educate ourselves and stay away from any dictatorial green washing.

Yet, it is important to be aware that for instance, many plants, whether or not they are organically grown, contain substances that may be toxic or allergenic.


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Salt & Pepper + Sambal

Salt and Pepper please

I lived in Paris from birth to my 20ies. That’s two decades of:

  • 5min walk to the bakery every morning. No exception to the rule. Rule that I could yet twist to my advantage since I could easily squize an additional pain au chocolat or croissant beurre to the baguette.
  • Hours of mesmerizing lunches with friends, from the student daddy’s pocket money sandwich to the “I got my first salary” restaurant dishes. Hachis parmentier, salade nicoise, confis de canards, pate carbonara are a few examples that pop up in my mind.
  • Unquantifiable homemade family dinner. The best memories.

For the last two, it has always been a usual equation that would look like that: dinning table = set of salt and pepper. And that’s a full stop. Its funny the little think you take for granted, that you assume are right by essence, indisputably part of a universal common sense. You drink water, you put salt and table on the table!

Salt, Pepper and… Sambal please!

Well, I was wrong! My culinary heritage or should I say western-style food lover was about to get shake over!

Have you ever heard of this special (almost magical) taste call the Sambal?  In Malaysia, I discovered new tastes, some were conflictual flavor, a kind of love/hate kick start.

Sambal | OrganicIsBeautiful
Sambal | OrganicIsBeautiful

Each time I order food at a local restaurant, I can smell it from miles away. It has this rich and very distinguished odor. I hear often, Malaysian can’t live without! I do believe its true fact.

What is a sambal belacan?

Sambal belacan is a dip sauce to eat usually with grilled fish, plain rice and raw vegetables (as in salads). Lunch break? Dinner rdv? Yes, you will always find some sambal among the table set! It is served in each local restaurant I often go!

The best are homemade, but you can easily get yours if you visit the ordinary malays stalls or restaurant selling rice with different dishes displays on a table. It is comprised mainly of chillies and belacan (shrimp paste block) and of course there are other additional ingredients to vary it over. Always being prepared fresh, it’s a very popular must have dip sauce in Malaysia and comes in various forms. It instantly enhances the vibrant flavors throughout each bite when spread with moderation.

 ∴ Watch out!

A word of warning: If like me, you are heavy-handed, watch out! It can become actually very hot. I mean burning hot! You may ask your self, like I did when I first arrived, how do you get rid of this discomfort with elegance – without crying/shouting/jumping? Drinking water is not the best cooling effect. In reverse, going for milk or even cheese, will anilate the spiciness. That is why Indian cuisine often includes as an accompaniment Dip Raita, made of yogurt and whole milk.

As my mum say, Prevention is better than cure.

The uninitiated are warmed!


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Ultra Rail in the jungle – Gallery & Learning

Volcano + Rain + Forest

I’m very pleased with myself, I finished my first ever 50km run last month. It feels like a massive achievement and I want to be able to look back on it.

I’m an ultra runner. Oh Yes!

The TMBT is a self-supported trail marathon set in Borneo, Malaysia by the Mount Kinabalu. You know that I love nature, and running across so much tropical wonders has made me realised how lucky I was.

Finishing the marathon becomes irrelevant, what I got to see, to experiment made the entire ultra-trail experience unforgettable. Here are some pictures I took during the race. If you want to know more about my feelings, learnings and tips, please check that article ♥ Link

The race starting at 7:45am on a sunny day. We were all cheerful, joyful, full of energy!


The first 10 km, oddly, was mentally almost the toughest – perhaps knowing how long there was still to go. But it quickly eased off, I had to found my own stride, a gradually steady speed, and the next 10 km seemed to go amazingly quickly.

And there is was, the Mount Kota Kinabalu.
And there is was, the Mount Kota Kinabalu.

I took this picture while running. If you look closely, you will get an idea of how far the Mount Kota Kinabalu is standing. Keep this in mind, and scroll down to check how closed I got to the Mount.

It took +-10hrs.

On the way, the scenery was magical. Yes, magical! I mean it! It is the only word that pop into my mind. Beside the weather (mostly sunny with some rain), the mud, the muscle pain, the mental struggle & Co, it was the best day of my life!

For my next marathon, I intend to buy a proper camera (any advice?), my old Samsung Galaxy has fallen to grab the purity of the landscape. Magical.

I know you want more, right? Below a few more pictures 😉

When I got back home and told my friends about my achievement, the questions I received the most was related to handling water management as well as food. Although the TMBT 2015 was a self-support trail run, every 10km (or so), a check point is set with staff. You can grab some food, water and also, if you wish, tell them that you wish to stop here and not go further in the race.

I have to apologize to you. The last 10km, especially the last 5km were though to the point all my energy was directed to cross that fu**** line, so I did not take any picture, silly me! This say, I arrived at the crossing line at around 9pm ish, in the full darkness of the Borneo island.

I started the race at 8am and finished at 9pm, 12hrs later.

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Running across Angkor Wat temples? Check!

Angkor Bat Marathon - Feedbacks on OrganicIsBeautiful
Angkor Bat Marathon – Feedbacks on OrganicIsBeautiful

1380 participants has signed up for the Angkor Marathon last August. And I was one of them! And today, I share with you my runner experience. Because, to say the least, it has always been in my must-do marathon since a while!

Imagine yourself running in the heart of an world heritage, the 8th World Wonder? The site has something mystical. Its stone carved creatures, its enormous size, and its aged temples are definitely a marvel worth visiting. And it is captivating enough to dare running along ancient temples sprinked with ancient trees.

The before

A 6am race start meant an early wake-up call.

Alarm set at 4:30am, quick breakfast and ready to go at 5am sharp. My tutuk was ready to pick me up at my hotel entrance.

My tutuk car that drove me to the marathon starting line
My tutuk car that drove me to the marathon starting line

After my 20min tutuk journey to the site, we arrived: it was still dark, quiet yet vibrant.  It didn’t seem like there were too many participants – until we got to the start. There is was: the others! The crowd! Very calm and mild athmosphere, I knew it would start to heat up when the race starts.

I was nervous at the start, relaxing was not on the road. As a runner, I get very results-oriented, it was unfortunately not the first time I found myself guilty of losing the perspective of what running is really about, and how lucky I am to be able to do this. It is my own Achille heels I need to overcome I hope to overcome by experience.

In an epic lapse in reasoning, I decided it would be better to deviate from my pre-race warming plan and find a quiet area away the crowds to breath and free my mind.

The beginning: 1-10km

On August 9th, I run 21km in 2hrs35min. Out of 2hrs35min running were a deep and one-way a 1hrs30 of mental talk.

What I love about marathon is that it basically forces you to confront weaknesses head on, exposing your limitations as well as your strengths.

There is no short cut.

The first 10km took me under 55min. I do not recall any particular pain or mental crackdown. My only distraction was the sightseeing I was deeply amazed by. I was running at a conversational path. A few words exchanged with fellows running, the usual “Where are you from?”, or “Good shoes”, and I was back on my solo run.

An amazing scenery

I love the sounds of my feet hitting the road, and the peace and quiet and solitude. It is here that I do some of my best creative thinking 😉

While running, it was simply impossible to be bored, I felt like a kid, astonished by the beauty of the nature. They were so much to see: the botanical surroundings, details the old temples. Trees, monkeys, dogs, local Cambodians were all part of the scenery. And monks.

The moment was brief. At km 12, the distance caught up to me. I realized how much my legs hurt and how badly I wanted to walk. I had been running nearly continuously up until then, minus a taking the few odds picture.

12 to 17km, that’s 5km.

One word: the humidity.

It sounds like a forgettable value now that I write this post, but at that time, it felt endless. Crossing the finish line was everything I dreamed about.

Dreaming of crossing the finish line
Dreaming of crossing the finish line

Those “5km” represents represents a slow and painful phase that I love to call “Keep running”. Do not think about:

  • The humidity
  • The humidity
  • The humidity
I dreamt of jumping in the Siem Reap River to cool down.
I dreamt of jumping in the Siem Reap River to cool down.

Even when wearing the appropriate high tech sweat running clothing everyone tolerates high heat and humidity differently.

Any runner will now about this situation. I had one of those moments where you see someone coming back to you and although sprinting hard already, wondered if I gave it EVERYTHING I could get past him, and indeed, if I really cared about giving it everything.

I got angry with myself for thinking about it.

Straight to the finish line

What made the difference? The crowd support. The scenery too. I gave it all. I am fully aware that I often grimace with effort during the race. Can’t help it! I can get a smile (or what I like to believe looks like a smile) when I see kids smiling at me along the way.

It took me 2hrs33min to run 21km. The result was amazing yet disappointing considering my past result. The Bali Marathon ended with a kicking 2h15min. That’s in 15min difference. A small and huge difference.

The end

As soon as I crossed THAT finished line, I genuinely felt on holidays, just the sand beach and the coconut juice missing.

I was exhausted, but I could not stop smiling 😉 It was done, over and to be repeated soon. The big plus of the marathon, the after-care of participant. You could receive a massage (that they call “Therapy”?!), grab some coconuts, beers or even buy yourself some new sunglasses 😉 Why not?

I took one last picture of the temples and headed over to my tutuk, who was patiently chatting over with other drivers like today was just an ordinary day in both our life.

Thank you for stopping by, I wish you enjoy this article as much as I enjoyed sharing my amazing experience in Cambodia with you


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