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The Benzoin Oil, The Best of Aromatherapy

My mind is constantly doing overtime. Even when I’m trying to relax I always seem to be thinking about work and family, or things I must do. Sound familiar? If so then you’ll share my pain when I speak about the inconvenience of restless nights or waking up in the middle of the night and being unable to sleep. The lack of sleep was soon taking its toll and as I may not quite be an oil painting in the looks department then I could do with as much so called beauty sleep as possible 😉

What is Benzoin Oil?

Benzoin oil is extracted from resin of the Styrax Benzoin tree. Benzoin oil has been of use for many years and due to its range of diverse properties it has found to be of use all over the world for many different causes. It has been used historically for medicinal purposes.

Some of the properties of Benzoin oil include:

  • Aromatic
  • Golden coloured
  • Thick resinous oil

The properties of Benzoin oil and the diversity of uses make it a popular choice for treating everyday ailments and issues which you all may experience in life.

Common uses of Benzoin oil

So, can you think of any occasions where you have seen or heard of Benzoin Oil. If you have great, but if not I’m quite sure the sheer number of different uses may just surprise you. One place Benzoin oil has been used is in religious ceremonies due to the disinfectant and aromatic properties. Some other uses, and It would be interesting to know if you have tried Benzoin oil for these purposes include:

  • Antidepressant
  • Sedative
  • Antiseptic
  • Used in deodorant
  • Anti Inflammatory
  • Diuretic

Let me sleep !

Despite the various different properties and uses, for me Benzoin oil was my saviour to assist with sleep deprivation. Recall my earlier post on the benefit of essential oils to help fall asleep. I now combine tea and benzoin oil. Easy life 😉

Benzoin Oil blogI tried Benzoin Oil and soon enough I was back to getting consistency in my sleeping pattern. Don’t suffer the same and if you are lacking sleep give it a go! As Benzoin oil has an element of tranquilising effects, if you are a student who studies late at night then you may want to consider when you use it.

On the contrary as Benzoin oil acts like a relaxant and sedative it can also go some way in reliving your tension, any anxiety and stress. It assist which optimises the nervous and neurotic systems which when you feel good means you are also feeling happy.

If you suffer from Arthritis you will know how it feels to be in a lot of pain which can also be a contributory factor to lack of sleep. Benzoin oil can provide good pain when applied externally and is absorbed via the skin pores. When you are not in pain you are comfortable which can only increase your chances of falling asleep and getting that good night’s sleep you’ve been waiting so long for.


DIY Natural Pre Shampoo and HOT treatment oil

Pre-poo is a vital step in your hair care regimen, and could be the key to beating dry hair and increase moisture and it’s something you shouldn’t skip if you like myself have highly softer hair.


Let’s start by the basic. What does pre-poo means?

Pre-poo=pre shampoo. Simple!

 Applying oils and/or conditioners to the hair before shampooing. Often times a heat source is used to allow the oils and/or conditioners to penetrate the hair and impart moisture.

It is great for natural dry, dull or damaged hair.

Overall, it is usually performed to help the hair maintain necessary moisture during the drying shampoo process.

Coconut | OrganicIsBeautiful
Coconut | OrganicIsBeautiful

Some people pre-poo with oils, conditioners, honey, or a combination. I like to pre-poo with a combination of olive oil and coconut oil or avocado oil. The benefits are undeniable!

TIPS: Can also be applied directly onto hair ends.

Say “ahhhh”…

After a pre-poo treatment you should notice soft hair ends shiny ones too. Your hair and scalp will be ever so grateful for helping restore some moisture and restorative oils that have been lacking. Making pre-poo a part of your regular routine will show great improvements to your hair’s texture and sheen.

Why I love it?

This technique will condition your strands before applying a shampoo which can dry your hair out. I personally like using oil, specifically coconut oil the day before my wash day. When I am short in time, I limit it to a 30min treatment.

Why coconut oil?

It’s no secret that coconut oil is a amazing oil for natural hair. It nourishes, conditions, repairs and provides shine to natural hair textures.

Coconut milks does everything that coconut oil does. The only difference is it’s milk and is much lighter for people do not enjoy their hair being too oily. It is a much lighter option from this viscous oily cousin, making it a more ideal detangle for the curliest hair types.

Coconut Oil | OrganicIsBeautiful
Coconut Oil | OrganicIsBeautiful

Thank you for reading,


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DIY Ayurvedic Shikakai Shampoo for Dry Hair

These days we often hear about people wanting to try to all natural products and products without harmful chemical and silicons for our hair. So today I am going to share a way to cleanse your hair naturally without using any shampoo or conditioner using all natural products.

This homemade shampoo for dry hair not only cleanses your hair of all the dirt but also leaves it smooth, shiny and silky.

The ingredients

Shikakai powder:

The word Shikakai literally means “fruit for hair”. Acacia concinna or Shikakai has been used traditionally for hair care in the Indian Subcontinent since ancient times. It is one of the Ayurvedic medicinal plants.

  • Shikakai powder is both a mild conditioner and a cleanser.
  • It promote hair strengh, stimulate volume and shine.
  • Shikakai is very drying and people having dry hair are only able to tolerate it in small doses combined with other powder.
Shikakai Powder | OrganicIsBeautiful
Shikakai Powder | OrganicIsBeautiful

Amla powder:

Amla powder is well-known as a hair conditioner, but it also has valuable anti-dandruff properties.

  • A homemade amla powder mask can also add texture and volume to your hair.
  • Unlike shampoos, it does not harm your hair follicles and prevents graying.
  • Taken internaly, amla powder with licorice powder and honey provide soothing relief in cold and cough. Antioxidants ellegic acid, vitamin C and gallic acid help boost immunity and fight infection.
  • Amla powder is a wonderful antoxidant and raises metabolism, keeping your weight under control.
Amla Powder | OrganicIsBeautiful
Green Amla Gooseberry. (Source:

Reeth powder:

It is one of the main ingredients in the manufacture of soaps and shampoos for hair. It also has insecticidal properties which helps in removing lice.

  • Reetha powder is said to help nourish the hair making it healthy, clean, and smooth.
  • Reetha cleansing agent cleanses the skin with gentle effect and not to irritate the skin.
  • It is also use for removing lice from the scalp without not to ant damage.
  • Reetha powder can be used in the same way as Amla powder to wash body and hair.
  • It helps to promotes the growth of hair and removes dandruff.

TIPS: Running low in cleaning detergent? One good thing about reetha powder is washing various items including clothes, jewelry and other antique items!

Reethna Nuts | OrganicIsBeautiful
Reethna Nuts | OrganicIsBeautiful

After continuously using any of these recipes with reetha to wash the hair, for the next couple of time, the hair will become stronger and healthier.

Soap nuts are round hollow nuts with black dense seeds in them. The outer layer which is a dark brownish in color is the part that we use for the hair care products. Boldsky
Reethna Nuts | OrganicIsBeautiful
Not sure what to do with Shikakai? Recall my tutorial on how to use Amla and Shikakai for your hair. Link below

The preparation:

We all have different type and texture of hair. For the ladies with dry hair a light oil massage before a few hours from taking a hair wash may be a good idea.

Note: Never heard of oil massage before? No worries, OiB has it all covered. Have a look at my earlier post about Pre-shampoo treatment (link).

  1. Wet your hair
  2. Prepare the reetna liquid. (How to prepare reethna paste link?)
  3. Mix 2 tbsp of Amla powder Shikakai powder and add it into the reetna liquid
  4. Use as you use a shampoo.

⇒ Result: The nutritional value of the paste gets absorbed with our scalp and makes our hair healthy and strong guaranteeing vibrant color!

Reference: and

Ladies, have you tried amla/shikakai/reetha in your regimen? How does it work for your hair?

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Me time - Beauty Routine with simple steps | OrganicIsBeautiful

[Ayurveda Serie] Benefit of Ayurveda Powder for Hair.

  • Why do I use Ayureda powder?
  • How can you used it on your hair?
  • Which powder is best for you?

↓Read below↓

Ayurveda powder, a natural shampoo.

Ayurveda powders are known to be excellent natural shampoo that clean and nourish the hair scalp at the same time. There is so much to say about there health benefit:  body metabolism, inner soul, hair & skin can all take benefit from Ayurveda powder.

Talking about hair, they are great base for any pre-poo treatment.

Ayurveda powder, a natural shampoo.

What is a Pre-poo?

A pre-poo is when you apply a conditioning treatment to the hair prior to shampooing / washing so as to add moisture to the follicles.

It is best applied on dirty hair.

How to make your own pre-poo at home?

First you need oils and…some patience!

  • Oils.The past is basically set as a combination of different Ayurveda oils, or, if you do not have some at home (yet), a light/dry oil can work too. Jojoba, coconut/avocado oils are a good example.
  • Liquid. Usually water. Coconut mild can also do the trick. Plus, coconut milk is an excellent hair moisturizer and helps prevent hair loss.
  • Essential oils (Optional). The selection depends on your type of hair. Since my hair is prone to itchiness, I usually add some drops of tea tree essential oil.

Paste ready? 

When the paste is compact, it means its ready. Here how is goes next:

  • Apply the past like a gently massage before going to bed, it is a relaxing time with calming effect that help get away the stress of the day before a good night of sleep. I ♥ it!!
  • Put a plastic bag or shower plastic cap to hold it all together straight after shower and before jumping to bed.
  • Leave it overnight.

8 hrs later,

⇒ ⇒ The Pre-poo treatment is over and your scalp is now ready to be washed. Rinse with warm water. Next step: the shampoo!

Ayurveda shampoo, choose the right powder for your hair.

Some powder are better for oily scalp, others suitable for dry or dying hair type, we will go through each type and compare their results.

Aritha powder: also called Reetha powder (India), Soap Nuts (UK) is a powder made from dried aritha fruits.

  • Key properties: natural cleaner, antibacterial and anti-fungal.
  • Hair type: dry hair, prone to recurrent dandruff problems.
  • Best combined with: Shikakai Powder.
Reetna Seeds
Reetna Seeds

3Shikakai powder: Shikakai powder is made from the fruit pods of the Acacia Concinna tree.

  • Key properties: antioxidant (rich in vitamin c), prevent dandruff and other scalp issues.
  • Hair type: any type of hair.
  • Best combined with: Amla, Reetna Powder.

Brahmi powder : Brahmi powder is obtained by grinding dried Brahmi leaves into a fine powder.

  • Key properties: brain tonic (support brain functions including concentration, information processing, and memory.), rejuvenate hair (makes hair stronger and ticker), prevent split ends, reduce of hair loss.
  • Hair type: dry, itchy hair. With dandruff issues.
  • Best combined with: Amla Powder.

Amla powder : Amla poweder is dried and powdered indian gooseberry.

  • Key properties: antioxydant (Rich in Vitamin C), voluminous effect (curl power)
  • Hair type: dry, itchy hair. With dandruff issues.
  • Best combined with: Shikakai Powder.
Gallic acid is a powerful phenolic compound found in amla and has been shown to repair hair that has been previously damaged from dye or other environmental effect. LiveStrong

Note: Amla powder can also darken your natural hair color (with regular use), it is best to used in combination with other powders, such as the Shikakai powder.

Henna powder: Also known as Mehandi.

It is prepared from leaves of a plant called henna or mignonette tree (called the Egyptian privet tree in some part of northern Africa). The leaves are first dried and then ground.

  • Key properties: get rid of their grey hair, conditioning and thickening properties (It can be a good alternative if you are allergic to chemical creams) nourish and strengthen hair.
  • Hair type: dehydrated hair.
  • Best combined with: Shikakai Powder.

    Henna tree. (Source
    Henna tree. (Source

Cassia Obovata Powder: Cassia obovata is a plant that contains a faint golden or slight yellow dye.

  • Key properties: “neutral henna” (does not stain the hair), conditioning and thickening properties.
  • Hair type: dehydrated hair.
  • Best combined with: Amla, Shikakai Powder.
Cassia Obovata plant, India (Hyderabad). Wikimedia.
Cassia Obovata plant, India (Hyderabad). Wikimedia.

Note: Please keep in mind that everyone has its own unique hair texture. Herbal treatments can be drying for some, and it is recommended to first apply cautiously and following the right portions.

I hope you enjoyed this article that I tried to make as much informative as possible for the novice. Ayurveda treatments are great deep conditioning treatments for natural hair. If you have also tried did for yourself, I am really keen to know your experience, feel free to share it in the comment area!


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