Argan Oil, you will never get tired of it!

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I am always very busy, either up for some new experiences or catching with friends after work (did you say lady’s night? 😉 ), I know how it feels when your day to day life constantly put a huge strain on the appearance of your hair.

And we all know hair can easily become tired and damaged through:

Constant colouring.
→ Heat from straighteners and hairdryers.
Use of damaging and destructive conditioners. 

Many products only coat the hair as opposed to getting to the very root of the problem of replacing lost oils.

So, I thought what best to concoct a sweet post on the natural ways to maintain a constant appearance of healthy well hydrated hair that looks always looks like it does the moment you leave the salon. And your hair will say thank you! Oh Yes!

Say Hi to Argan Oil

Argan tree |
Argan tree |

Argan oil naturally protects your hair and skin during high pressure and somewhat stressful lifestyles.

Using Argan oil allows you to take an organic approach by treating hair by repair, conditioning, controlling frizz and ultimately restoring a positive balance of healthy hair and natural beauty.

All in once! I already love it, and use it regularly. Argan oil is made up from a wide variety of nutrients and vitamins that combine to help:
Conditioning of the hair and roots
 Improve and encourage hair growth
Treat the scalp naturally

Can it get even better?

The answer is Yes. As Argan oil is non comedogenic it does not clog up pores which could otherwise lead to follicles on the scalp becoming blocked and greasy.

How Argan oil is produced

As a natural solution from Morocco, Argan oil is produced using a traditional made by hand extrication techniques that ensures the product maintains its purity, is unrefined and has nothing taken away or added to it at the time of production.

Production is usually in small quantities to ensure it maintains the highest levels of purification and integrity to ensure you are satisfied with the end result. It is a slow and progressive process.

Argan | OrganicIsBeautiful
Argan | OrganicIsBeautiful

 The result.

The positive effects of Argan oil can be instant and can provide you with provide you with: SIMPLICITY. A Luxurious appearance with minimal effort.

Just a few drops of Argan oil is all it takes. Daily application massaged into your hair creates a smooth hydrated and silkier looking healthy appearance.

Argan | OrganicIsBeautiful
Argan | OrganicIsBeautiful


My experience? I personally love it, I apply it on my hair to nourish as well as on my skin to repair after a long day at work. Don’t worry, I will soon add some homemade Argan oil recipe for skin and hair and add them to OiB blog.  Just for you 😉

I want to hear your thought and personal experience. What about you? How often do you use Argan Oil? Is it for your skin or your hair, or both?



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  3. One of my facial oils I put on every evening contains argan oil and I love it for moisturizing my skin without any breakouts. I have yet to try plain argan oil for my hair since it tends to be a bit pricey:(

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