4 Pomegranate DIY Recipes for Skin

4 Pomegranate DIY Recipes for Skin
4 Pomegranate DIY Recipes for Skin – organicisbeautiful.com

Pomegranate is one fruit that I like the most. Now I like it even more because it is a super fruit which contains a high antioxidant such as flavonoids, vitamin C, and Polyphenols. Those substances help the body fight free radicals as well as slow anti-aging. The antioxidants in pomegranate are surprisingly higher than green tea, cranberry, blueberry, and other super fruit.

Today on Oib, we are going to talk about the goodness of pomegranate for skin with simple DIY recipes. Forget about those expensive skin care products if you can get the same benefits from simple DIY recipes using pomegranate.

Facial Serum

The facial serum helps to slow the aging process and usually is used before bedtime. If you do not want to try commercial serum because it may contain chemical ingredients; you can try this pomegranate facial serum. What you will need:

  •    ¼ teaspoon of pomegranate seed oil
  •    2 tablespoons of jojoba oil
  •    2 drops of lavender essential oil
  •    1 drops of carrot seed oil

Jojoba Oil, Natural Skin Booster.

Mix all the ingredients together and then store it in a glass bottle or jar. Apply the few drops of the oil and then massage gently into the skin. I usually use it before bed time because nighttime is the best time for skin renewal.

Fresh facial toner

After all the activity for the day; it is important to clean the skin thoroughly. I usually wash my skin with nontoxic cleanser or oil cleanser using the facial serum mixture. After that, I also apply toner to wipe out the dirt in the skin. To make pomegranate facial toner, you will need:

  •    Pomegranate juice
  •    Apple cider vinegar

Mix those two ingredients and immediately apply it to the skin using facial cotton. Make sure not to use too much pomegranate juice because it makes the skin sticky.

4 Pomegranate DIY Recipes for Skin - organicisbeautiful.com
4 Pomegranate DIY Recipes for Skin – organicisbeautiful.com

Pomegranate peel Scrub for acne prone skin

Besides pomegranate seed, who knows that the peel is also useful for the skin? The pomegranate peel is beneficial to fight acne in the skin. To use the pomegranate peel, you need to do these simple steps. First, cut the pomegranate peels into small pieces and then roast or place it in the dehydrator on low heat on 145 degrees. Roast until dry and then place it in the grinder or blender to make it powder. To make pomegranate peel scrub, you will need these following ingredients:

  •    2 teaspoons of pomegranate peel powder
  •    Rose water

Mix the two ingredients until it forms a paste. It should be not too thick or runny. Apply the mixture on the acne spot and leave it on for about 5 or 10 minutes before rinsing with warm water.

Body scrub

The goodness of pomegranate can also be used for a body scrub. You will need these following ingredients for a hearty pomegranate scrub:

  •    2 tablespoon pomegranate peel powder
  •    One teaspoon oil of your choice such as avocado or pomegranate seed oil
  •    One teaspoon brown sugar

Combine all the ingredients and stir well. And then use it to exfoliate the entire body with a gentle massage in circular motion. And then rinse well after the massage.

Pomegranate indeed has natural ingredients which work magic for the skin. From acne fight to anti-aging, pomegranate can do all for you.

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