Is Your Skin Dry or Just Dehydrated? Don’t Know Well? Know It Now!

Happy Wednesday! It’10.20am here, and I am almost counting the hours to the week end!! ;-)  We all have love/hate relation with our skin. Too Oily? Too Dry? It can easu drives anyone crazy! Today on OiB, let’s break the ice and start by the basic shall we?  Our skin condition of being dry or being dehydrated.  Are you not sure of what you actually … Continue reading Is Your Skin Dry or Just Dehydrated? Don’t Know Well? Know It Now!

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Mediterranean Pizza with Cauliflower

This recipe is great for beginners, comer backers, and those who love to work with their hands. This “pizza” would work great with any choice of toppings, however I chose to make a Mediterranean version to eaaaaaaaaaaase myself back in. Enjoy.  The Recipe –  ∴ The Crust: 1 medium head of cauliflower cut into florets 1/2 cup powdered parmesan cheese 1 tsp Italian seasoning 1sp … Continue reading Mediterranean Pizza with Cauliflower


7 Reasons Why You Should Try Hitchhiking

1. Saving Money On Transportation This was the reason why I first started hitchhiking, traveling on a shoestring and using public transportation don’t go well together. If I can get a flight from Portugal to Germany for 20€ I’m not paying more than that for a boring 200km, three hour bus ride to the next destination. 2. Saving More Money! This might sound crazy to … Continue reading 7 Reasons Why You Should Try Hitchhiking

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Beautiful Words.

If you are still feeling frazzled after the Summer festivities or if the recent cold weather is getting to you, what could be better than a weekend of pure indulgence? I suggest to warm up our soul with simple yet beautiful words I stumbled upon a few weeks back. A beautiful poem written and published by SainstWest. She brings me to ecstasy Visually Ethically Every time … Continue reading Beautiful Words.

6 Ways Your Skin Can Benefit From Eating Pomegranate

As we know all “Health is Wealth” and for wealthy health, nature has provided us with so many fruits that are filled with antioxidants, vitamins and minerals which can benefit your skin. One of the luckiest fruit that filled with flavor and nutritional properties is “Pomegranate”. This red fruit is considered as a symbol of hope and prosperity. People around the world consider Pomegranate has … Continue reading 6 Ways Your Skin Can Benefit From Eating Pomegranate


Jojoba Oil, your New Skin Regenerator

Hello Dear OiB Reader. Hope you all havinv a lovely week. On my side, I have been busy preparing this lovely article. Jojoba Oil has been part of my skincare habis for ages. I am suprised I did not write this article sooner!  From my previous posts, you might have definitely got it I am natural beauty addict. No matter how many natural products I … Continue reading Jojoba Oil, your New Skin Regenerator

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Safety while using essential oils

Essential oils can be much more powerful than you anticipate. I recalled my first DIY recipe using essential oils did not go as planned!  Safety should be first priority, while dealing with such hazardous substances. I’ve created this safety guide in order to help you deal with essential oils. Read through and feel free to feel the blank in the comment area😉 Including myself many … Continue reading Safety while using essential oils

Be Somebody Who Makes Everybody Feel Like Somebody

I’m sure that we all have a perspective of ourselves and we all have things we like and dislike about ourselves; looks; attitudes, weaknesses or constant failures. Every one of us places a level of importance on ourselves and we all know that, but what we don’t really pay attention to the reason that we place that level of importance on ourselves. People are easily … Continue reading Be Somebody Who Makes Everybody Feel Like Somebody