Yoga Poses for Shoulders

Wide Legged Forward Fold series | OrganicIsBeautiful

The shoulder is the most important joint area in our upper body part. The shoulder joint is a very complex structure, consisting of a number of bones, muscles, and tendons altogether. This shoulder keeps a number of organs joined together – head, spine, hands, and ribs. The shoulder has a variety and versatile ways of movement, involving everything with it work together. With so many muscles and bones, it’s a no brainer that your shoulder requires a good stretch for performing normally. There’s hardly anyone in the world who haven’t suffered the pain of a shoulder. Honestly, it’s one of the most common pain types in our life. Because of bad movement habits or other types of injuries, we might get shoulder pain. Only the sufferer knows how much painful shoulder is. Yoga is one of the many effective ways to keep your body in perfect condition all the time. Because of the disturbance of the shoulder in our everyday life, there are a number of yoga poses that work on your shoulder to make it flexible, strong and relaxed. These are also good in relieving your pain if you’re suffering such.
Here are a few yoga poses that will help you get rid of all possible shoulder pains.
1. Lion Face Pose


 Lion Face Pose | OrganicIsBeautiful
Lion Face Pose | OrganicIsBeautiful

 Start with “Staff Pose” – put your legs straight in front of you. They should be parallel and touching the ground. Now, bring your left foot over the right thigh, directly above your right knee. Bring your right leg on the left side of your left thigh under the left leg, making a shape like “W” with both your legs. Try to maintain equal distance between your heels and thighs.  As you inhale, expand and stretch your hands to the sides. Your fingers should be joined together while your palms face forward. Gently spin your left shoulder with rotating your left hand forward. This will make your left palm face towards the wall behind you. Your thumbs
should be pointing downwards.
 As you inhale, bring your right arm upwards. The fingertips should be pointing towards the ceiling and the palm facing forward.  As you exhale, bend your elbow like in “Pose – 1”. Reach the fingertips and make a lock like in
“Pose – 2”.
 Now, lift your chest to open it and put your shoulder blades firm and against your back ribs. Hold the pose for a few breaths. To return back to normal, release your hands and your legs. If you’re having trouble touching your fingertips, you can use a belt, a rope or a cloth of your choice and use it

 Lion Face Pose (Back) | OrganicIsBeautiful
Lion Face Pose (Back) | OrganicIsBeautiful

This pose works on a number of places. It’ll stretch your hips, thighs and your ankles thoroughly. It’s also good for flexing your triceps and rotator cuff along with chest muscles and upper back. Thoracic spines are also benefited by it.
2. Kneeling Thread The Needle

 Put your knees and your hand on the ground. Your knee should be directly under your hips and your hands under your shoulders. Your palms should be spreading on the mat.  Balance your body and weight on your right arm. Now, move your left arm underneath your body, laying your head on the ground, facing left.  Relax your left shoulder and left temple on the ground. Allow your hips to sink a bit to your
heels.  Keep your left hand where it is now. If you want, you may stretch a little bit forward. Hold the pose for at least, 3-5 deep breaths. To release the pose, get back on your hands and knees slowly. If you want more stretch of your shoulders, you can put your left hand on your back, allowing a better pull on your shoulder muscles. The position should be like in “Pose – 2”.
This pose will help your shoulder have more flexibility. This also stretches the waist muscles, relieves the pain the back, neck, and shoulders. You’ll also enjoy the loose muscles of your lower back.

3. Wide Legged Forward Fold

Wide Legged Forward Fold   series | OrganicIsBeautiful
Wide Legged Forward Fold series | OrganicIsBeautiful

 Stand in Mountain Pose. Now, put both of your legs apart from each other about 3-4.5 feet. Depending on your height, this limit can increase or decrease. Generally, if you’re tall, you should spread wider. Ensure that your inner feet are aligned parallel to each other. Relax yourhands on your hips. Continue pressing floor with your feet and tips of the big toes. As you inhale, lift your chest to turn your torso a little bit longer. As you exhale, maintain the stretch of your front torso. Bend your torso forward, starting from the hip joints. When your torso reaches parallel to the ground, push with your fingertips on the floor keeping them directly under your shoulder. Expand your elbows fully. Push your spine gently to the back torso, so that your back looks slightly concave from the tailbone up to the skull. Put your neck stretched and in a neutral position.  Push your groin away from each other, allowing your pelvis base to be widened. Now, gently bring your hands on your back. Reach the palms and with the fingers, make a lock shown in the
picture so that your hands do get released.
 Push your hand towards your front while keeping your skull on the ground. Keep your head firm.

Hold the pose for 20-30 seconds or more, depending on your flexibility. To release the posture, release the lock of your hands, expand your arms to both sides of your body and pull your body back. This pose is extremely helpful for increasing your flexibility. This pose stretches the spine, the inner and back legs.

4. Dolphin Pose

Dolphine Pose | OrganicIsBeautiful
Dolphine Pose | OrganicIsBeautiful

 Put your forearms and knees on the floor, keeping your knees directly under your hips and your arms under your shoulders. Press the mat with your palms and your forearms.  As you exhale, pull your knees upwards, above the floor. Stretch your tailbone to the back of the pelvis and push softly towards the pubis. Push your sitting bones upwards. From your inner ankles, firm your inner legs up to the groins. Continue pushing the floor with your forearms. Fix your shoulder blades on your back and widen them from the spine and towards the tailbone. Keep your head in-between the upper arms – don’t hang it or push hard towards the floor.

 Depending on your flexibility, you can push your knees to be straight or keep them slightly bent. Continuously stretch your tailbone away from the pelvis and pull your sternum from the floor. Hold the pose for about 30-60 seconds. For getting normal, release your knees on the ground as you exhale.
This pose will stretch your shoulders, arches, hamstrings, and calves altogether. This will also provide strength to your arms and legs and your digestive power. For mental part, it’ll help you cool down and get rid of stress and mild depressions.
With all these poses, you can keep your body in shape properly. All these poses focus extensively on special parts of your body, allowing you have a better, refresh mindset for everyday works.

Note: Cow Face Pose – pose


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