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Plank Pose | OrganicIsBeautiful

Yoga is one of the best ways to turn your body into a full fit condition. It’s a type of exercise that puts force on your physical body and mind that shapes them into perfect condition, allowing all type of messes go away. If you’ve heard about yoga, you already know how it works. Yoga is a huge collection of number poses that are specialized for different purposes. For example, there are poses that focus on
your back, some on your hand, some on your legs etc. There are also a number of poses that mix various points of focus on work on all the parts effectively. Yoga is not only for the physical body but also for your mental health. Our mentality is probably the most important part of our everyday life. We get angry, mad, sad, pale etc. that keeps a bad track on our mentality. Yoga is very effective in clearing out those dark sides and refresh our mind with joy, fun, and excitement. This also helps us manage tensions and pressures a lot better.
Here are some yoga postures for everyone.
1. Plank Pose

 Plank Pose | OrganicIsBeautiful
Plank Pose | OrganicIsBeautiful

 Put your palm on the ground. Your shoulder must be straight up your wrist. Spread your fingers on the ground while your middle finger pointing straight in front of you.  Pull your lower belly inside and upwards from the ground.
 Spread one of your legs to backward, putting all the pressure on your toes. After one leg, do the same with another leg. Make sure that you feel the stretch of your hips. Now, you’re in a high push-up position. All your body parts are aligned in a straight line – from head to heel.  Slowly move your shoulder blades downwards with the spine, lock them into the back. Push the space between the shoulder blades upwards Push your top of your thighs upwards the ceiling. Stretch your tailbone to heels at the same time.  Continue pushing the ground with your palms equally. Also, make sure that your legs feel like pushing a wall.

Hold the pose for 1-2 minutes while keeping your eyes relaxed, jaws normal and breathing normally. To get back, just lower your body softly and release all the pressure. If you feel too much pressure on your hands, you can put your pressure on your elbows, like in “Pose – 2”. All other steps are just the same. This yoga pose is useful for strengthening your whole body. This also increases core stability, feet flexibility and arm balances.
2. Cobra Pose

 Cobra Pose - Organicisbeautiful
Cobra Pose – Organicisbeautiful

 Lie down keeping your belly downwards and your chin on the floor. Keep your legs together and your palms on the ground.  Pull your knee caps upwards while pressuring your thighs and hips. Push your pubic bone downwards the floor.
 Without the help of your hands, lift your head and chest above the floor as you inhale. Make sure that your neck is a straight line with your spine. Now, use your palms to put force on the ground, lifting your head and chest even higher. Drop down your shoulder while pushing your chest forward. Make your legs, hips, and hamstring strong while your pubic bone pushes down into the floor.
Now, hold the pose for 5-10 breaths or longer if you can. To release the pose, slowly put down your
chest and head on the ground. Relax all other parts of your body. This opens your chest and provides strength to the core of your body. It also fixes the alignment of the spine, passively boosting the kidneys and the nervous system.
3. Tree Pose

 Tree Pose OrganicIsBeautiful
Tree Pose OrganicIsBeautiful

 Stand straight keeping both your legs together. Now, start putting your weight on your left foot while keeping your right foot firmly just on the floor. Start your right knee bending upwards. With your right hand, grasp and hold your right ankle.
 Pull your right leg higher. Put the bottom of the feet on the inner side of your left thigh. If possible, push the heel into the thigh muscle while the toes will be pointing downward, to the floor. Your whole body weight along with your pelvis has to be on the left foot.  Ensure that your pelvis is staying in a relaxed position while the top rim aligns parallel with the floor.  Push and stretch your tailbone to the floor. Press your thigh with the sole of your right foot. Balance the pressure with your left leg. Put your hands together in the “Anjali Mudra”. Keep your head, jaws and eyes relaxed while gazing at any point in front of you – recommended 4-5 feet away. Hold into the position as long as you can – recommended duration is 30-60 seconds. To return back to normal, bring down your right leg gently and return your weight back on both of your legs equally. Then, follow the same steps with the other leg. You can even make a few complete cycles of both legs.

This pose will help your physical condition tremendously. It’s very simple to perform, yet so valuable. It will strengthen your calves, spines, thighs, and ankles that are very crucial parts. It also empowers your groins, chest, and shoulders that are very prone to flexibility issues. You’ll have a better sense of physical balance and perform tasks better. With all these poses, you can work out on different parts of your body. All the poses strengthen different parts of your body where some of them even involve different physical parts, making the poses better and suitable choices for our everyday busy lifestyle. Needless to say, your mental condition will
also be more balanced and thorough for the catalyst of a fit body.


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