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Garland Pose - OrganicIsBeautiful

Hip is one of the most important parts of our movement. It connects the leg bones and bears our upper body weights, making it a very special portion. Hip’s joints are a unique joints. These are known as socket and ball joints. Over 20 muscles cover the hip, making it a critical joining part of upper and lower body. However, for many of us, tight hips are one of the most common physical issues. Tight hips occur many issues such as spine misalignment, lower back pain and even to some serious spinal + physical injuries. Yoga hips poses are one of the best ways to stretch your hips and release the tightness. Yoga focuses on all the parts of your body. There are numerous yoga poses that work on different muscles and different parts. There is a number of yoga poses for your hips to make it relaxed and stretched. Here are some of the good yoga poses that are suitable for everyone.

1. Lunge Pose

Lunge | organicisbeautiful
Lunge | organicisbeautiful

 Stand straight and step forward with your right foot. All the toes should be aligned straight ahead.

 Make sure that your legs are straight on a line with your hips. Your front knee should be straight up on your foot.

 Push your back knee lower to the ground. Make sure that you feel a strong pull on your hip muscles. Hold the pose for 30-60 seconds. Throughout the pose, make sure that your body doesn’t bend forward – always keep straight upwards. After one side is done, exchange the legs and repeat the other side. This pose is a classic fitness exercise for your lower body part. It helps to increase the flexibility of your hips and hamstrings. This pose also strengthens your buttocks, hip flexors and hamstrings thoroughly.

1. Spider Lunge

Spider Lunge | OrganicIsBeautiful
Spider Lunge | OrganicIsBeautiful

 Put you into the position of a push-up – both your hands straight down to your shoulder, your legs stretched with your back in a straight line.

 With an exhale, take your left foot forward and put it beside your left palm. The left leg should look like an “L” shape.

 Put your head in a relaxed, neutral position. Hold the pose for about a minute while keeping your normal breathing. Then, return the leg back to the push-up position. Repeat with the other leg. You’ll feel a strong pull in your hamstrings. This pose is also extremely helpful for building up your abdominal muscles. This is also a good exercise for hand muscles.

2. Lion Face Pose

Lion Face Pose (Back) Organicisbeautiful
Lion Face Pose (Back) Organicisbeautiful

 Sit normally by keeping your legs on another.

 Push both of your legs on the opposite of their sides. The thighs should overlap each other.

 Keep your feet straight while pushing your legs on each side.

 Inhale a deep breath with your nose while your tongue touches your palette. Exhale gently. Hold this pose for 30-60 seconds. Make sure that your back stands straight and in the center of your legs’ overlapping. Afterwards, return to normal pose and continue the same steps with the other leg. It’s a simple pose that doesn’t include any complex maneuvers of body movement. It’s not recommended for those having a chronic illness in the areas involved in this pose. This pose will relax your hamstrings and hip joints along with hip muscles. It’s good for your lower abdomen as well.
3. Garland Pose

 Garland Pose - OrganicIsBeautiful
Garland Pose – OrganicIsBeautiful

 Do a squat with your feet as close as possible. It’s recommended that you keep your heels on the mat. If you can’t, support them with a folded mat.

 Widen your thighs a little bit wider than your torso. As you exhale, push your torso to your front and fit it properly in-between your thighs.

 Push your knees with your elbows while keeping your palms together in Anjali Mudra (Salutation Seal). Oppose your knees as much as possible. This will help you stretch your front torso.

 For a deeper stretch, push your inner thighs to the opposite sides of your torso. Bring your arms in front and thump them out to the sides while putting your shins into the armpits. Push the floor with your finger tips of your feet or move your arms around the outside of your ankles to hook up your back heels. Hold the pose for 30-60 seconds. When releasing, inhale as you turn your knees straight and turn into “Standing Forward Bend”. This pose will relax your hips and stretch your ankles, groins and back torso. This pose will also work on your belly. It’ll put pressure on your adipose layers and force it to melt down faster, allowing a slim, flexible body.
With all these poses, you’ll be able to stretch your hips to the best and enjoy the fun of a relaxed, stretched and strong hips with your everyday chores.


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