Things You Should Know When Reading a Cosmetic Label – Part 1

Today on OiB, we shall discuss your cosmetic buying habits. Picking a random product from the top of the shelf without knowing its component can affect you negatively. The true being told beauty skin care products can affect your skin very badly. Hence, it is very important to know about some things when you are buying a cosmetic. All the information you need to know is on the label.

Skincare Ingredients to be Aware of @organicisbeautiful
Skincare Ingredients to be Aware of @organicisbeautiful

Here are some tricks and tricks, these are all primary things that you should check while buying!

All products have lots of ingredients in them. All these ingredients are labeled very well at the back of each product. The names are obviously very long and are often not understandable by
people. This is why you should look for the parenthesis in these ingredients lists because the common names that people understand are often given in the brackets.
It is surprising to know that there are many products that say they are alcohol-free but are not in reality. This only means that they are ethyl alcohol-free or some other one either. These products are only telling you a part of the truth through their labels. So make sure that you know your preferences well and can buy a good one for your care.
Too many numbers?
If you see a product that has a lot of ingredients in it then you should know that this doesn’t mean it is very good. The more it has, the more it is tested on animals and the more processed it is. Therefore, make sure that you know the number well for you.
Any Guarantees?
If a product says that it is cruelty-free or not tested on animals, you should know that this means the product hasn’t been tested or cruel-ed on animals. The ingredients might still be tested on animals. Moreover, you should also check for the guarantee of the product being approved by the FDA too.
2 things to KNOW:

Knowing whether this product can produce any allergy is also important. This is because when you are buying some things then they often have a label on them that say they are Hypoallergenic. Yes, this is the term that you should check.

Knowing if a product is really hypoallergenic or not is also very important because these products are supposed to have very few ingredients that can bring about allergy to anyone, this is sometimes only used to market the product to even those whose skin is quite sensitive.

Hence you should know that you do not buy this strategy as there is no current legislation that can prove this allergy free trait. You should check for the product beforehand yourself if you need to buy it.

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