The Resplendence of Rome

The Resplendence of Rome
The Resplendence of Rome –

However long you plan to spend in Rome, it will never be enough. Once you get a taste of la dolce vita, you will be addicted. Rome is full of history, delicious food, beautiful culture, and life-altering experiences. You will never be without something to do, and that alone is a reason why you need to get to Roma, pronto.

Fontana di Trevi

The Trevi Fountain gets mentioned first, because I think the legend behind it is both romantic and magical. If you toss a coin into the churning waters, you will someday return to Rome. But aside from legends, the history of the fountain is as impressive as the first time you see it. You will be astounded by the prestige of Oceanus (Neptune) and the other statues comprising the fountain.

The Resplendence of Rome – Organicisbeautiful.Com

Foro Romano & Colosseo

Though these two places are not located side-by-side, they are two wondrous ruins that every first time visitor to Rome has to check out. If you value the past and the lessons we can learn from those ancient civilizations, you will be enlightened by a walk through the Roman Forum halls and a glimpse into the gladiatorial pit at the Colosseum. Both places are also more than a single site. The Roman Forum, for example, has several Roman temples to visit.

Basilica di San Pietro

St. Peter’s Basilica is the heart of Roman Catholicism. You can take daily free tours around the Vatican City, expect on Wednesday, when the pope makes appearances. Climb the 332 steps to the top of the basilica to see a majestic view of Rome’s skyline.

Santa Maria della Vittoria

If you read Dan Brown’s “Angels and Demons” novel, then you will probably want to check out this famous chapel. Otherwise, the fascinating baroque art display will excite an fine arts enthusiast. Because Santa Maria della Vittoria is located close to the Barberini metro stop, it is highly accessible.

Scalinata della Trinita dei Monti

Otherwise known as the Spanish Steps, which is all about the atmosphere of Rome. Here, you can sit on the steps, enjoying a gelato in the summer or roasted chestnuts in the colder months. There is a boat-shaped fountain called Barcaccia nearby, as well as the famous Trinita dei Monta church. If you are hungry, check out the Piazza di Spagna, Rome’s most fashionable shopping street, where cafes, fool stalls, and markets line the road. 

Porta Portese

If you love shopping and love haggling in Italian, then Porta Portese is for you. The vendors sell more than just clothes, though. Here, you can find books, antiques, and a flea market ambiance that cannot be beat. That said, Porta Portese is also targeting tourists nowadays—so be prepared for the crowds!

The best part about checking out all of these places? No admission fee. You will find that Rome is a very affordable trip. For those on a budget, backpacking around Rome is more than doable, it is very comfortable. Aside from the tourist attractions, sample authentic Italian cooking, and enjoy the incredible Roman life!

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The Resplendence of Rome



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