The Different Types of Bananas

Types of Bananas
The Different Types of Bananas -
The Different Types of Bananas –

Today on OiB I will take about the different types of bananas. Yes, that is true. There are many types of bananas and people have been asking me for the same very recently. So if you are also among those who have been asking me for the same. Your request is here now.

There are more than 1000 types of bananas. They also have their own categories which are actually about 50. These varieties might not be known by many people but they surely do exist. A banana is by far the most popular and common eaten fruit of the whole world. It is also taken as a fruit besides being taken as an herb too.

Cavendish Bananas
When it comes to the export market, the Cavendish variety is the best one produced. It is made in quantities of about 105 million tons each year. They are used in many desserts and also contribute to a lot of profits for countries in the South.

Plantain Bananas
These bananas are also known as cooking bananas. They make up for 45 million tones. These can be consumed locally. They are found in many tropical countries. They are also the best alternatives for potatoes and rice in different cuisines in cheaper countries because of their low cost.

Baby bananas
These are the most cute and adorable fun size bananas that are given by Chiquita. They are almost half the size of the normal Cavendish bananas and are true snacks for all. Their skin is deep brown with darker streaks on it.

The Different Types of Bananas -
The Different Types of Bananas –

Manzano Bananas
This variety of bananas belongs to the Central America and South America. They are also known as Apple bananas. They have a very strong tart-apple smell while they are also firmer in comparison. It is sweet in taste and is also found easily in Asian markets

Red Bananas
I personally like these bananas because they are very delicious of the above all. They are found in the US and have a very creamy texture and sweet taste. A red ripe banana is the one which is a bit in the darker shade of magenta. It is also confused in Philippines with their staple called Lacatan.

Type of Bananas | OrganicIsBeautiful
Type of Bananas | OrganicIsBeautiful

Burro Bananas
They are also known as chunky bananas in general. This is because they are fatter and more in size than the normal Cavendish bananas found regularly. It is mostly grown in Mexico but is also found in America as well. This type of banana should be ripened well throughout. It has a yellow skin and a greatly balanced sweet as well as sour taste. In other words, it is just like something in between a banana cream pie and a lemon meringue pie.

Apple Bananas
This type of banana is also known as the candy apple banana. It is often found in Hawaii while the firm flesh of the banana is pink in color. It doesn’t brown quickly which is why I prefer using them in different fruit salads overall.

Lady Finger Bananas
These are smaller but longer types of bananas that are sweeter than the Cavendish ones. They can be used in the same way though.

There are also many other types of bananas. If you know any of them and have tried out a recipe with them. Feel free to share in the comments below!

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The Different Types of Bananas


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