The Best 6 Fennel Seeds Usages for Your Beauty

Today on OiB, I will discuss the importance of fennels seeds to enhance your beauty. Yes, that’s right fennel seeds have a lot of beauty benefits while 8 of them have been given below with 8 incorporated ways later because these have worked out extremely exceptionally in comparison to others.


1. Keep Your Skin Beautiful


Fennel seeds are very rich in dozens of minerals. They provide iron, copper, selenium, potassium, magnesium, zinc, Vitamin A, C and E besides fiber which makes the skin become beautiful overall.

Note The presence of fiber-rich food in your diet ensures that your body gets more time to absorb the nutrients required for collagen production

2. Antiseptic

They provide anti-septic effects since the skin is nourished with loaded essentials of all time that have made the immune system strong to be weakened.

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Natural Remedies in Skincare | OrganicIsBeautiufl

3. Bring the right amount of Anti-oxidant for your skin

The anti-oxidant factor replenishes the skin whenever anything harmful gets in contact with the skin’s layer or skin’s cells. It neutralizes the bad effect and keeps the skin vibrant.

When it comes to anti-aging ingredients, the research is abundantly clear: Antioxidants reign supreme. Not only do antioxidants combat the free-radical damage that is responsible for the visible (and hidden) signs of aging, they also enhance the effectiveness of sunscreens in preventing sun damage.

Note Those powerful antioxidants are just one of the reasons that studies are revealing this may be another natural ingredient linked to a decreased risk of developing cancer cells.

4. Your skin is damaged? Fennel seeds can also help!

The skin is toned well which is why cell damage is prevented and acne conditions can be treated as well too.

Recall my previous article on the benefit of Argan Oil for your skin, especially when you start loosing the natural elasticity of the skin.

They help you stay away from aging problems like dark to light spots, wrinkles, fine lines etc.


5. Give back Your Skin its Natural Glow

The different vitamins help providing a younger looking skin with a great glowing complexion as the skin is soothed and is free of any skin inflammation, irritation or condition too.

6. A tea break? Try Fennel tea !

If Fennel tea is taken on a daily basis, then this can impart a greater and smoother texture to the skin. This Fennel tea can be bought or made very easily as well. It just includes mixing in and blending together to have equal amount of crushed fennel seeds and boiling water made into an effective tea.

When zinc, selenium and calcium combine together at one place, they provide a great combinational cooling effect that balances the oxygen within to provide a healthier skin.

Tea with Botanical Herbs | OrganicIsBeautiful
Tea with Botanical Herbs | OrganicIsBeautiful

If, like me, you tried over an over again the lemon water, than the homemade tumeric latte, Fennel tea is a fresh and new alternative to adopt and enjoy. Plus, it tastes delicious!

If you’re looking for some other way than Fennel tea to incorporate in your daily beauty regime, then you can do so taking it during meals that uses it or as a mouth freshener many times. Decide the right pea-sized amount that you can intake easily. You can even garnish any kind of salad you like to enjoy well too. It is great for garnishing, where one can consume it without knowing.

It can also be consumed as fennel water, which can be applied after heating tablespoons of fennel seeds into a glass of water at low temperature for about 15 minutes and mixing with a tablespoon of yoghurt to apply for 15 minutes.

You can also drink fennel mixed in water or add it to any of your day infused detox water recipes.

Detox Smoothie | OrganicIsBeautiful
Detox Smoothie | OrganicIsBeautiful

Moreover, one can also prepare a mask by boiling fennel water to 30 minutes and adding spoons of honey and oats each for a 20-minute application. Lastly, even a steam facial can be hanging under a towel for 5 minutes after mixing a spoon of fennel seeds in 1 liter of boiling water,

If you think, you have any other uses of fennel seeds that are even better than these, please enlighten me and other visitors in the comments below.

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