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My mind is constantly doing overtime. Even when I’m trying to relax I always seem to be thinking about work and family, or things I must do. Sound familiar? If so then you’ll share my pain when I speak about the inconvenience of restless nights or waking up in the middle of the night and being unable to sleep. The lack of sleep was soon taking its toll and as I may not quite be an oil painting in the looks department then I could do with as much so called beauty sleep as possible 😉

What is Benzoin Oil?

Benzoin oil is extracted from resin of the Styrax Benzoin tree. Benzoin oil has been of use for many years and due to its range of diverse properties it has found to be of use all over the world for many different causes. It has been used historically for medicinal purposes.

Some of the properties of Benzoin oil include:

  • Aromatic
  • Golden coloured
  • Thick resinous oil

The properties of Benzoin oil and the diversity of uses make it a popular choice for treating everyday ailments and issues which you all may experience in life.

Common uses of Benzoin oil

So, can you think of any occasions where you have seen or heard of Benzoin Oil. If you have great, but if not I’m quite sure the sheer number of different uses may just surprise you. One place Benzoin oil has been used is in religious ceremonies due to the disinfectant and aromatic properties. Some other uses, and It would be interesting to know if you have tried Benzoin oil for these purposes include:

  • Antidepressant
  • Sedative
  • Antiseptic
  • Used in deodorant
  • Anti Inflammatory
  • Diuretic

Let me sleep !

Despite the various different properties and uses, for me Benzoin oil was my saviour to assist with sleep deprivation. Recall my earlier post on the benefit of essential oils to help fall asleep. I now combine tea and benzoin oil. Easy life 😉

Benzoin Oil blogI tried Benzoin Oil and soon enough I was back to getting consistency in my sleeping pattern. Don’t suffer the same and if you are lacking sleep give it a go! As Benzoin oil has an element of tranquilising effects, if you are a student who studies late at night then you may want to consider when you use it.

On the contrary as Benzoin oil acts like a relaxant and sedative it can also go some way in reliving your tension, any anxiety and stress. It assist which optimises the nervous and neurotic systems which when you feel good means you are also feeling happy.

If you suffer from Arthritis you will know how it feels to be in a lot of pain which can also be a contributory factor to lack of sleep. Benzoin oil can provide good pain when applied externally and is absorbed via the skin pores. When you are not in pain you are comfortable which can only increase your chances of falling asleep and getting that good night’s sleep you’ve been waiting so long for.



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  2. Thank you for this post Sabrina. Never heard of this oil before. Any idea if it’s easy to find in France? It sounds like something I should have in my medicine cabinet: I have a hyperactive brain, just like you. At my age, (my three children could be your siblings) is that reasonable?

    1. Hi Joelle, nice to hear from you 😉
      To be honest with you, I have no idea where to find Benzoin Oil in France, I got mine from a local producer in KL a while back. I wish I could be of any help here.
      Sabrina x

  3. Heartsforgreen

    Of late, I have been experiencing lack of sleep due to some work issues that I am having but on reading this, I do not think that will be a problem anymore. Thanks for the info.

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  5. Teaching your readers about products that work WITH (rather than IN PLACE OF) the body to produce healthy changes is commendable. Keep up the good work.

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