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Benefits of Ginger

Top Skincare Benefits of Ginger You Need In Your Life

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Top Skincare Benefits of Ginger You Need In Your Life –

Ginger is not only a great homemade product to be used in most Asian cuisines and recipes but it is also a great skincare ingredient for enhancing beauty too. Ginger has a lot of anti-inflammatory properties so it is great in a lot of ways where it can be applied topically as well as eaten and also used as a spice in meals too.

Skin Type

Since ginger has anti-inflammatory properties so it is equally good for all skin types whether it is dry skin, normal skin, sensitive skin, or oily skin.


  • Skin Healing

The skin healing process is a very slow one and it requires a considerable amount of patience. But ginger is there to you.

You can use ginger a very easy way to heal broken skin as it is a great healer and improves the blood circulation of your skin to treat cut and other issues very quickly in comparison.

  • Acne

Ginger is tremendously good for acne due to its anti-inflammatory properties and it can be ingested in small but regular quantities to get rid of acne completely. It even provides the strength for the skin to fight against developing acne.

  • Cellulite

Cellulite can be a very irritating issue when it is beyond a normal range. It can cause added skin problems and pigmentation issues besides bad skin as well. Ginger is known to be the best cure for the cellulite problem. It reduces the abnormal cellulite growth problem.

Tips: Grapefruit Oil is an excellent alternative.

  • Toning

Many women and even men today face a lot of issues for pigmentation that leaves white spots as well as other issues that give rise to bad and unattractive as well as uneven skin tone. Here, you can use this organic gift of nature in the most efficient way to get rid of any hypopigmentation issue and give an even skin tone.

  • Anti-Aging

Ginger not only protects the skin by healing it and getting rid of blemishes, acne, etc, but is also great for anti-aging purposes to reduce any fine lines and wrinkles for the same.

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Top Skincare Benefits of Ginger You Need In Your Life –

Traditional Use

Ginger is normally used as:

  • Antiseptic
  • Bactericidal
  • Stimulant
  • Laxative

It is also used like a tonic and can be of great use for stomach-aches, diarrhea, and such other issues that are taken in the form of tea treatments.

Essentiel Oil to Consider for Bad Breath


Ginger is a non-irritating agent and it is why it can be great for regular usage except that it should not be used with higher concentrations and can also cause photosensitivity issues too.

Looking for a DIY recipe, see below the compilation below

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Skincare Benefits

The different benefits of Ginger You Need Your Life

Today on OiB I will discuss the different benefits of Ginger that are ready to be availed for the
skin even though it has lots of cooking and other health benefits too. For all those people who
have been waiting for my pick on ginger’s benefits for skin, this is the best way and the right
time to know them now. You should definitely try them because I have tested them for you in
advance. They have returned no loss at all while their advantages have really proved that
Organic is truly beautiful. There is no need for shortcuts and harsh chemical products for your
sensitive skin which is already not too good.

Ginger has lots of benefits that have been discovered just through the effective use of
Ayurveda. It is an herb that is native to China and India. It is not even an herb but a root in
actual. The numerous ginger benefits for skin are given as follows


 Burn Support
It is surprising to know that the natural situation of the skin is regained if ginger is applied directly to the place where the burn has taken place. It also helps to reduce the pain for the burn. Besides rubbing a fresh ginger slice, one can also apply fresh ginger juice for the same effect. If it is applied twice or thrice a day, it can help to remove different scars too. This takes effect in 6 to 12 weeks while the ginger slice should be fresh every time you apply it.

 Anti-Aging
Ginger has more than 40 antioxidants in it. This is why it greatly helps in anti-aging. The
toxins are flushed out due to which the body circulation of the blood is improved. This in
turn helps to have improvement in the skin appearance because it provides more
nutrients to the skin. They also prevent damage from different free radicals which is
why the youth of the skin is not lost. The elasticity and firmness is maintained and aging
is slowed down.

 Acne and Spots
Acne and spots or different related blemishes are more like a curse to many people.Ginger can work wonders here. Ginger is a very powerful antiseptic and cleansing agent. It helps to keep the skin clear as well as free of any residues. As a result, the skin is invigorated and the blemishes are also lessened. Acne-causing bacteria is also killed by ginger which is why it is also known as the best natural acne-fighting weapon of all. This way the rate of acne formation is also minimized.

 White Scars
Hyperpigmentation can also be solved with the help of ginger. The white spots are now no more of a problem at all. The skin becomes lighter or white at some places in comparison to other patches of the skin. The use of ginger reduces the appearance of this pigmentation. If you apply a fresh slice of ginger to your skin and leave it on for some time, then the results can be seen in just 2 weeks. If you also have any other ginger benefits make sure you tell me in the comments below too.
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5 Amazing Ways Eucalyptus Can Help Your Skin Be Bold!

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5 Amazing Ways Eucalyptus Can Help Your Skin Be Bold! – Organicisbeautiful,com

All it takes to appear bold and fierce is amazing skin whether it is facial skin, your body, the skin of your scalp, or anything else. The best way you can be bold and feel good about yourself using eucalyptus. I think, it is not only great as an antibacterial but also has such properties in it that have wide benefits for your skin all the way. It is amazing for an itchy scalp that can reduce a lot of hair problems and also great for sore muscles too.

5 Essentiel Oils against Muscle Cramps.

Skin Type

Eucalyptus has one more reason to be amazing and it is because it’s not only great for one type of skin but all types and especially great for dry skin to help get rid of all issues associated with dry skin such as itching, flakiness, dandruff problems, etc.


  • Dry Skin

All those people who have been suffering from dry skin problems such as patches, irritation, scratching, flakiness, etc, I can understand your pain. That is why I present you a solution — Eucalyptus. By using it, you can get rid of all such skin issues.

  • Skin Cleaner

Eucalyptus is a great hand or skin cleaner as it can get you help in riddance of any dirt, grease or grime very effectively, and in no time at all. You just need to use it regularly like natural cream.

  • Soreness

If you have a sore skin, especially sore hands then you can make use of eucalyptus oil with the mixture of some Epsom salt to get rid of the problem very effectively and efficiently.

5 Amazing Ways Eucalyptus Can Help Your Skin Be Bold! - Organicisbeautiful,com
5 Amazing Ways Eucalyptus Can Help Your Skin Be Bold! – Organicisbeautiful,com
  • Cuts and Wounds

For all those people who want to treat their cuts, wounds, burns, or even abrasions very soon then they should make sure that they include eucalyptus oil in their everyday regime.

  • Spray

Eucalyptus is also one of the best ways to make use of it as a spray to refresh the skin as it brings about a lot of freshness and good odor for the skin naturally.


Eucalyptus must not be used with children at all as it is only suitable for adults while it must also not be used on women with pregnancy at the same time too.

Traditional Use

Eucalyptus is normally used as a cooling agent and also as a perfecting/ cleaning spray. It is such a mind fresher that it can be used to awaken the senses or also bring about cooling and relaxing effects on the mind too.

A Quick Recipe

All you need to do is:

Get hold of some eucalyptus oil and apply it on the skin especially after a bath along with a moisturizing lotion to get soft, smoother looking and feeling skin overall. It also helps the skin to not breakout any easily.

Hence, if you have also tried some other ways using eucalyptus that I have not discovered for the skin’s beauty yet, then make sure you share it with all the other readers through the comments section below. I would love to hear how I helped you along with my recipe as well. did you like it? 


Red Clover

The Amazing Benefits of Red Clover

The Amazing Benefits of Red Clover -
The Amazing Benefits of Red Clover –

Ladies, I found a secret herb out there that provides relief from menopause and improves bone health! Red clover is our special guest for discussion today. Although a host of health benefits, red clover is the wallflower at the wellness party. Once you discover how to use red clover and what it does thought, this herb will be a star in your health regimen.

Benefits of Red Clover 

The pink and purple tufts that form above a bed of three or four leafed clovers are where the real magic is! Red clover does not have any negative side effects when taken correctly.

  1. Maintains Bone Strength

Red clover is often part of an osteoporosis diet, because it contains medicinal properties that help improve bone health while preventing further deterioration. Women who suffer from the female athletic triad or eating disorders often have to take red clover supplements.

  1. Improves CardiovascularHealth

Not only does this plant improve arterial health by reducing the hardening of the arteries, it aids in circulation throughout the body, helps control high cholesterol, and prevents heart disease.

  1. Cancer Prevention

Since red clover can aid in preventing drastic hormonal changes, it is thought to aid in fighting off prostate and endometrial cancers.

  1. Treats Skin Conditions

The isoflavones in red clover are effective in slowing the skin’s aging process. Also, for inflammatory conditions like rosacea, eczema, and dermatitis, red clover can provide topical relief.

The Amazing Benefits of Red Clover -
The Amazing Benefits of Red Clover –
  1. Controls Menopausal Symptoms

Hot flashes, night sweats, breast pain or tenderness and all the trouble that comes with menopause can be lessened with red clover. Girls who suffer from PMS can also benefit from red clover, thanks to the special phytoestrogens red clover emits.

  1. Fights Respiratory Infections

Red clover has been proven to loosen phlegm thanks to a natural cleansing effect it has within the body. This plant is also beneficial in relieving symptoms of bronchitis, asthma, and whooping cough.

 Recommended Dosage 

You can find red clover in capsule form, dried herb form, and in teas. Be sure not use this herb responsibly.

The daily recommended intake of isoflavones is 85 mg for most adults. So, you can take two 20-40 mg capsules of dried red clover daily.

If you are going to use red clover in tea, you can consume it up to 3 times a day. Or, if using a red clover tincture, 60-100 drops daily is most effective.


While red clover may seem like some wonder drug, remember that some people need to take caution. If you are using contraceptive pills, pregnant or trying to become pregnant, do not use red clover. Also, avoid this if you or anyone in your family has had breast or ovarian cancer. Red clover is also not recommended for individuals with liver conditions.

Whenever I learn about how potent natural plants and herbs can be in terms of wellness, I get excited. Red clover seems like a great addition to supplements when used correctly and for thing like menopause or skin rashes. Give it a try! And if you have ever used red clover, what did you think? 🙂

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Lanolin – is it worth it being in your Skincare Products?

Today on OiB I will be discussing Lanolin; what it actually is, its uses and drawbacks. On the surface, Lanolin looks pretty effective and safe to use as it softens and protects your skin by quickly absorbing into your skin without clogging any pores. Oh, and no animals are hurt in the harvest of Lanolin!

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Lanolin –
  • What is Lanolin?

In simple English, Lanolin is the wax derived from a sheep’s wool, after the sheep has been shorn. The sheep is not hurt in this process but hey, no one ever enjoys their fur being cut off. But, the people responsible for this (cutting the fur off) specialize in this field. They do this very promptly and within minutes the sheep is back in its herd.

The clipped wool is covered with wool fat. Which is a natural pale-yellow, and water resistant wax. The purpose of this is to ensure the sheep stays dry and healthy. This wool fat is extracted by boiling the wool. This is called crude lanolin.

  • Refining: Essential for Safe Use

After the wax has been properly extracted, the next step is to refine this wax and remove any impurities it may contain. A recent documentary made by PBS on Lanolin showed them (PBS) purifying the wax by mixing it water and olive oil. This enabled the impurity to dissolve into the water, leaving only the off-white wax which can then be easily gathered.

Commercially, the process of purifying lanolin is pretty different. The process has many stages and is usually done in a sterile environment. This refining process is necessary to ensure the safety of using Lanolin. Lanolin can either be refined crudely or refined to a medical level, all this depends on the manufacturer and the demand. However, crude lanolin will still have some impurities whereas the medical grade lanolin is the purest and can be used by nursing mothers for use on cracked nipples.


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Lanolin –
  • So, Why the Bad Image?

Even with all the benefits of Lanolin, you must be wondering that why it neither is nor mainstream neither getting the recognition it deserves? Well, the answer is quite simple.

You see that Lanolin has two major problems:

Even if it is refined to cosmetic grade. It will still contain impurities and there’s a high chance that they could be allergens. So if you’re prone to allergic reactions you will suffer from allergy. In this case, it is worth mentioning that Lanolin itself isn’t allergic but the impurities in Lanolin that weren’t totally finished during the refinement process cause an allergic reaction. Furthermore, to whiten the color some manufacturers use chemical bleach. Also, the finished product is mixed with vegetable oils or soft paraffin’s which is derived from other sources. These impurities could have some additives.
Not all, but some Lanolin can be polluted by DDT, dieldrin, lindane and other harmful pesticides. It is highly likely that these chemicals could get into our skincare products because the sheep could be eating food that has been specially treated with these or other pesticides.

Natural Lip Balm DIY recipe

Homemade Hippie Lip Balm


  • 1 tsp coconut oil
  • 1 tsp olive oil
  • 1 tsp lanolin
  • 1 tsp shea butter
  • 1 tsp honey
  • 1 tsp beeswax pastilles


I put the oils and beeswax in a small metal bowl and heated on the stove top until they were all melted together. I removed the bowl from the heat and stirred in the honey. I used a small funnel and poured it into empty lip balm containers that I had been saving.

It filled 4 of them (the tube type) with some left over! I left it sitting on the kitchen counter, and by the time I threw the dishes in the dishwasher it was set up and solid and ready to use. I made it “un-girly’ enough that Rob and I can both use it.

  • How to ensure the safety of Your Lanolin:

The two problems I mentioned above can easily be solved if you buy your Lanolin from a well-established company; which can be trusted, and has known presence – with proper contact details and labeling on the product. To be 100% sure be certain that pure grade, fine grade, highly refined, or medical grade is mentioned on the label. If you have any confusion regarding this, get in touch with the company and ask them about the grade. Remember, the best Lanolin is one that is free from any impure particles or harmful chemicals.

As a responsible citizen and human, it is your responsibility to check that any skin care product you buy has not been tested on animals.

Lastly, please note that Lanolin itself isn’t going to cause any allergic reactions. But, just to be on the safe side you should always consult your doctor before applying anything that will be absorbed by your body and as always feel free to comment your thoughts about Lanolin and share any experience(s) which will be helpful to our readers.

Where to buy the ingredients? Ask away in the comments below and I will tell you! Have you ever used this product? 🙂

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