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5 ways Neem seed Oil improves your skin

Neem tree oil is extracted from neem tree. Neem tree is usually seen in tropical regions mainly in India. The leaves and bark of the tree has many medicinal properties and is widely used in India. Personally I have also used in neem tree oil, the oil is not well known for its texture or fragrance rather it is known for its medicinal properties and benefits. It’s a dark coloured oil with a very strong
smell that resembles peanut and garlic. The neem is widely used in India part of their Ayurvedic treatment. The oil is extremely beneficial for your skin and hair.

So let’s go through and find out how neem tree oil improves your skin:

1. Fights fungi
As mentioned earlier neem tree oil is strong medicinal properties, and fights fungi development on your skin. Being a strong antifungal agent it is highly recommended by doctors. Fungi development is a widespread problem and the most best natural technique is to use oil neem seed oil.

2. Natural skin conditioner
neem seed oil is extremely good to overcome dry skin, it’s an excellent conditioner for your skin. The oil is rich in plenty of vitamins and minerals that helps to keep the skin moisturised. Neem seed oil is a very common ingredient used in many natural skin products. It also inhibits the development of dry flakes on your skin.

3. Relieves from eczema
Neem oil is widely used in India to relieve from eczema. As you may know eczema is a genetic disorder which causes the skin to break, form redness and even form abrasions. Many people who use ointments for eczema develops certain allergies, going natural is the best option preferring neem seed oil is the best natural option. The oil is rich in vitamin A and antioxidants that penetrates deep into the skin’s and create a protective layer. If you are an eczema patient I strongly recommend
neem oil.

4. Remove skin spots
Since neem seed oil is rich in antioxidants, it penetrates deep into your skin and creates a protective layer over it. Hence it prevents the entry of bacteria, fungi into your skin it also protects you from pollution and dust. The rich in vitamins and minerals in the oil reduces the spots, the antioxidant layer prevents the formation spots. By getting rid of skin impurities the pores on your skin are reduced.

5. Protects your skin from ageing
The neem seed oil is rich in carotenoids and antioxidants which prevents any further harming of your skin. As mentioned earlier the antioxidants creates a protective layer and the carotenoids reduces the wrinkles and prevent them from for the formation. The vitamin E in the oil increase of the elasticity of your skin hence making it appear young.

Neem seed oil is a great product to incorporate in your daily life. You can mix neem seed oil with any other fragrant essential oil and use it few times a week. If your patients suffering from eczema without a second thought, you should go for neem seed oil. If your skin is weak and unhealthy then neem seed oil is what you need. If you have any doubts or queries regarding neem seed oil. Please leave a comment , I’ll be more than happy to reply.

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