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I used to hate coffee until I landed in Melbourne last week

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Melbourne was transformed in the 1850’s by the Victorian gold rush. Today it is Australia’s second largest city and one of fastest growing coffee capitals in the world. The city imports roughly 30 tons of coffee daily. This amounts to a staggering 3 million cups of coffee each day! That’s almost a cup for every person living in the city.

Now, I have never been a fan of coffee. Melbourne, however, changed that.

What makes Melbourne coffee so great?

You can find coffee shops scattered all over Melbourne. They vary from ultra modern upscale ones to small quaint ones hidden in the laneways of the CBD. It is clear that, here, coffee is more than just a beverage. Coffee is a culture all on its own. The atmosphere in this city is constantly humming and alive. It’s contagious. These cafés not only pride themselves on their coffee but have evolved brunch as we know it.
Food and coffee transformed into art. There is something for everyone. Any type of coffee you can imagine. Melbourne is home to many specialty coffee blends and many cafes have in-house roasted beans. This coffee is real, fresh, coffee. And the aroma alone is enough to entice me.

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Melbourne –

The best coffee spots in Melbourne

  • Auction roomsSituated in North Melbourne on 103 – 107 Errol St, Auction Rooms is a lovely rustic Café with a beautiful courtyard. Their coffee is truly sensational. Their white espresso with almond milk is heavenly. And their food in right on par. The menu is full of amazing dishes with flavor combinations that will melt your senses. They source seasonal produce and only stock free range pork and eggs.
  • Twenty & Six 594 Queensberry-street, North Melbourne. Twenty & Six make a version of ice coffee that may have single-handedly changed my opinion on ice coffee forever. They start by making a Horchata (a chai alternative made with rice, almonds, cinnamon and maple). Then, to the chilled Horchata, they add a shot of espresso. It is simply delicious and great for people who aren’t big coffee drinkers. Twenty & Six make good simple foods. There are daily muffins to choose from or you could choose their innovative takeaway lunch box. The lunch box is usually made up of soup, salad, and a sandwich but the ingredients change weekly. I told you Melbourne has transformed both coffee and food. Twenty & Six is all the proof you’ll need.
  • Monk Bodhi DharmaListed number 8 on Yelp’s list of top 100 coffee shops in Australia and with good reason. The Monk Bodhi Dharma is a cozy café situated in one of the many laneways of the city. They have a fully vegetarian menu with many vegan options. Don’t let this discourage you. Their dishes are scrumptious even so. I found that out for myself when I tried their umami mushrooms on a bed of polenta. Their coffee comes in four different blends and is roasted in house. You can choose to add soy, almond or other kinds of milk. Their coffee can also be bought by the bag in the café.
  • The Kettle Black This cleverly named café is located in South Melbourne on Albert Road. It is a beautiful classic building with a lovely terrace and opens modern interior. The Kettle Black is the best known for its brunch. With decadent home-made coconut yogurt (filled with pear, seeds, nuts, fruits and flowers) on the menu, I can see why. This amazing place is vegetarian-friendly and the food is plated so gorgeously you’ll feel guilty for destroying it. To top it all off their coffee is truly excellent. A very popular spot indeed, you may find yourself waiting for a seat. However, this place is totally worth it!
  • Brother Baba Budan On 359 Little Bourne street, Brother Baba Budan is rustic industrial café. There are chairs on the ceiling and wood paneling. This cozy little place is always buzzing and often a little crowded. This is probably due to the fact that their coffee is high quality and very smooth. They have a selection of blends from Seven Seeds (specialty coffee roasters ) and these blends are constantly on rotation. They specialize in coffee and therefore have no menu. Although, they do have a selection of pastries and muffins to accompany your delicious brew.
  • PatriciaOn the corner of Little Bourke and Little William street is Patricia. Patricia also uses Seven Seeds specialty coffee. Patricia is said to serve the best coffee in the city. Making this spot a must even for coffee skeptics like myself. If you don’t like coffee a cup of this might just change your mind. There is also a range of cookies and treats to go along with your OrganicIsBeautiful Signaturecoffee. There is no seating available though as this coffee shop gem is only a takeaway stop. Not that that is a problem for its very many customers. What coffee can’t you have on the go?

Melbourne is a city in love with coffee and it’ll cast its spell on you (like it did with me). The local people and the vibe of this place are like no other in the world. This vibrant coffee culture is one you’ll love to get lost in.

hate coffee until I landed in Melbourne last week

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