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Yoga for Beginners

It was a beautiful morning when I realized that there should be a proper guidance for the beginners in Yoga.  Typically, most of the people have doubt on yoga – how to, when to, etc. I think of writing a good article every time I get the query on the tips, tricks, and advice for beginners interested in Yoga. Now the time has come and one of such enthusiasts came and asked me on how to start the practice. I too felt interested since it was my long time wish to record the advice.

Yoga in my daily life | OrganicIsBeautiful
Yoga in my daily life | OrganicIsBeautiful

As a prelude to the whole concept of yoga, I just started with some history and how it was perceived in ancient times. She seemed curious to listen to me. Over millions of years, the practice of yoga has been established as one of the best means to lead peaceful and harmonious life. That said, I would say, it is a lifestyle. It is not meant only for one-time duration alone. Millions of people across the globe started practicing yoga as part of everyday routine from time immemorial. It is seen as part and parcel of everyday life. Even if you look at it as some holistic exercise for the body, it is perfectly fine. The reason is that for a common lady like you, yoga practice can start with practicing of asanas. The practice of yoga essentially means an everyday practice of asanas, kriyas, and mudras for advanced practitioners, that too for some amount of time. But as a beginner, you need to practice only for 30 to 40 minutes every day. There is always a doubt and confusion among the youth like you, whether the practice of yoga can you too much into religious practice or spiritual practice. You have to understand that it is fully a misconception. Both spirituality, religious thoughts, and similar activities are completely different from the objective of yoga practice.

As a beginner in yoga practice, your focus should be on the following points:

  • The quality of practice and the punctuality of maintaining the time.
  • Perhaps you may be able to do only two or three asanas in short time. Even then, it is important that it is practiced properly as per the instructions.
  • A focused spending of 30 minutes at a stretch for practicing yoga with fully concentrated mind benefits much more than spending too much time without a good focus.
  • Your punctuality in practice time helps to build up confidence and concentration in all your actions throughout the day.
Stronger Back with 5 Yoga Stretches to Know.
Stronger Back with 5 Yoga Stretches to Know | OrganicIsBeautiful

Choosing time and place:

Early morning hours are the best recommended time for practicing yoga. This time is the best because, mind is fresh, body is free after a long rest. Make sure that the bowels are evacuated before practicing asanas. While choosing a place for practice, select a place where there is no sound or air pollution, there is a free flow of air and the atmosphere is natural. It helps a lot for the mind to be focused on the body movements. If you choose to do it in the evenings, it is better after 5:00, but before 7:00. And, mind you, don’t take heavy meals or food before doing yoga. 4 hours is the recommended time interval after food intake for doing asanas.

Not how much time you spend, what you did.

As a beginner in yoga practice, one factor is important: don’t give due importance for the time you spend. Focus on the asanas you practice. Concentrate on the body movements and breath. Don’t put strain to complete the position of asana. For most of the asanas, you may not be able to reach 100% perfection in the beginning. But 50% is more than enough to instill confidence and get the taste of the benefits of practice.

Don’t practice on the bare floor. Use a yoga mat or a good carpet. Make sure that while doing standing asanas, your legs doesn’t slip. Wear loose clothes, preferably sleeveless and shorts.

Start with simple asanas you feel is comfortable. Here are some indications:

  • Asanas are either forward bending, backward bending or twisting.
  • While bending forward, exhale and while bending backward, inhale.
  • Asanas are practiced wither by standing, sitting or on the knees.
  • The final posture may not be perfect in the initial stages of practice.

Have you done yoga before? 🙂 I hope you liked my post!

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What I Do in Order to Relax?

Today on OiB, I’m going to talk about how to relax because that makes you naturally beautiful! There are various ways to relax one’s mind that because they have worked out very well for many people according to studies and surveys.

They are given as follows:

Relaxation |
Relaxation |
  • The breath way – Do the one-minute breathing in air and releasing practice or actually straighten your muscles through a little light exercise that makes you feel new.
    Tend to do what makes you happy whether it is housework or something else that makes you feel clean.
  • Journal writing – Maintain your routine if it helps you to know what you have already achieved and what you are capable of. Write what’s grateful. Know what you have been blessed with already to keep your heart at ease and relaxed.
  • Be clear – Steer clear of what you want so you feel active and good to maintain life and feel good at all times as well. [Have you tried Yoga?]
  • Know what can and cannot be controlled – This helps you have control over things so you don’t stress over things that cannot be done.
  • Bedtime routine – Maintain a good bed time routine so you have time for your good sleep as well.
  • Have fun – Play or do something that makes you feel the little joys of life that you are blessed with. Remember, emotions are contagious!
  • Signal ‘fresh’ – Do what you do in the morning like brushing your teeth or washing your face to make your brain signal it’s a start of something. This will make it feel energized but relaxed at the same time.
  • Nature indulgence – Mingle with a sunset or air to feel the calmness being transferred within.
Travelling is all about life experience |
Travelling is all about life experience |
  • Live the present – Learn to know what the moment is so you don’t spend time worrying unnecessarily to lose the moment that won’t come back anyway. Know what’s for you! Like what you know makes you feel right and indulge in it to understand yourself.
  • Connect mind and body – It is important to feel refreshed all the time to activate your nerves to feel excited, fresh and good. This relives them and activates them to feel relaxed. Hence take a 15-minute nap when feeling low.
  • Know what’s for you – Like what you know makes you feel right and indulge in it to understand yourself.

Pamper yourself with peppermint body wash, rose gels or lavender washes and take out important time for yourself. Rest room break? Employ the rest room to actually rest for a few minutes during a stressfully busy day.

Peppermint OrganicIsBeautiful
Peppermint | OrganicIsBeautiful

While the above make you stay relaxed, make sure you comment your favorite way below and indulge in knowing the newer ways as well.

Thank you, I hope you enjoy reading this article.

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