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Warsaw Poland

A Weekend in Warsaw, Poland

Warsaw –

Warsaw is unlike anywhere else in Poland. You will not find the same ambiance in other cities throughout the world, actually. If you have just a weekend, you need to definitely sort out where you want to go and pray you have a chance to return to this marvellous city at a later date.

Here is a short itinerary to help you see the best of Warsaw, the capital of Poland, on a weekend.

Palace of Culture and Science

The structure of this building—the tallest in Warsaw—is Instagram-worthy. Not only that, but the Palace of Culture and Science has over 3000 rooms. There are offices, institutions, Congress Hall, two private universities, and the Polish Academy of the Sciences housed inside. For tourists, you will want to go to the “trzydziestka,” the terrace on the 30th floor that grants you panoramic views of the city.

Warsaw Rising Museum

This museum is one of the most notable in Warsaw. Exhibitions inside tell the story of occupation and the Warsaw Uprising of 1944, as well as the post-war communist terrors. The museum has close to 1000 exhibitions and 1500 photographs and films detailing this crucial piece of history. Special events, like 3D simulations, are also occasionally available.

Lazienki Krolewskie Park Palace Complex

There is a garden, a museum, palace, and cultural, scientific, and artistic entertainment to be found at the Lazienki Krolewski Park-Palace Complex. You will find yourself spending hours here while visiting the palace, the White House ruins, the Old Orangery, and stunning pavilions scattered throughout the grounds. Romantic, relaxing, and historic. This place cannot be missed.

Fryderyk Chopin Museum

For fans of this classical composer and pianist but also of architecture and history. The Ostrogski Palace in Warsaw is part of the Fryderyk Chopin Museum. Housed inside are many valuable treasures that belonged to Chopin, including the Pleyel grand piano. The palace itself was built in the second half of the 17th century, and it is a sight to behold.

Warsaw –

The Praga District

The remnants of WWII continue to exist in Praga, as well as a renaissance atmosphere of art and progressiveness. Praga is where you find open-air concerts, the Skaryszewski and Praski green spaces, bohemian restaurants and bars, and culture. It is the exact opposite of the romantic Old Town, making it perfect for those seeking some adventure.

Krasinski Square and Dluga Street

These two places are some the oldest, most historic sections of Warsaw. In fact, some sections date back to the Middle Ages. Here, you will find the Raczynski Palace, the Cathedral Church of the Polish Army of Mary (with absolutely gorgeous Baroque architecture), and the Supreme Court of the Republic of Poland.

The history of Warsaw meshes elegantly with modern construction and culture. This city is a whirlwind of arts, science, culture, and savoury food. Wherever you go, you will find something worthy of a picture or exploration. Your weekend is going to go by fast in Warsaw, so make it count and visit these attractions.

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Travel or How To Collect Moments Rather Than Things

Travelling is such a wonderful word which has the potential of providing an immense pleasure in the minds of those who experience it!

As many say, traveling is better experienced than said. Travelling does not merely mean bringing in souvenirs, it is more of a self-satisfying experience. Different people may have different perspectives towards traveling. Travelling is more of a passion rather than a time- pass. When one becomes passionate about traveling, it becomes more of creating moments rather than collecting souvenirs. Some may be interested in the landscape whereas some will be interested in the kind of people they meet whereas there may be some others who are traveling to experience the different cultures and so on! 😉

Travel Outside Your Confort Zone |
Travel Outside Your Confort Zone |

For me, traveling is a mixture of all the above said reasons and much more. I have seen many people traveling just for the sake of collecting some things and souvenirs. But I can’t agree with such people. I am a person who believes in experiencing the moment and considering it as a souvenir. What matters is how you create such moments. For me, it all started in Burma in 2012.

When you are going on a journey, just try to take a camera. Photographs are a reminder of some foregone past memory which we wish to cherish again and again. It may not be necessarily a professional camera, just a mobile camera might be enough. While seeing a picture, you are supposed to get the exact feeling that you experienced in the past provided your heart and mind was into that moment. Such a moment is the ultimate souvenir that any place can ever give you.

Travelling is all about life experience |
Travelling is all about life experience |

The companion for your travel is yet another important aspect of a memorable trip. Some people go on a solo trip due to this reason that they cannot find any better person to accompany other than oneself. Like-minded souls on the same journey emanate good vibes. It is more refreshing and soothing. When such a company is there with you, the likes of getting a beautiful moment is really high.

When you choose a place to travel into, make sure that there is some kind of positive energy that you can possess from that particular place. For some people, it may be a crowded tourist place whereas for some other it may be a yet uncovered calm and quiet place. I would personally prefer a serene travel into nature where one can be his true self. It is much more pleasing to both the mind and the body. Even while during such a journey you may come across a variety of people and culture, their food and customs. Grab such opportunities and see it as the perfect moment to experience the unknown.

I see a journey into nature as a journey into oneself. It is the time when we interact with our surroundings. The simple pleasure that we get from even very small things during such a travel may have long-term effects in our life. A well-enjoyed journey into nature is similar to yoga. Like yoga, it also provides peace to your mind and body. Travelling just takes the burden of busy lives off our head. Practically saying, it is a momentary getaway from all the buzz in our daily lives. So take leave from your routines once in a while, pack up your backpacks and get on a journey creating moments that you will cherish forever in your future life.

Tell me where have you traveled? What is your most cherished traveling memory? 🙂

Amanda 😉

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