happy 2016

Happy 2016 !

Time to wish you a lovely start of 2016, OiB, my blog, is now 3 months old, filled with a bunch of information that I hope you find exquisite 😉 More to come soon. To all of you, a Big Welcome to 2016. OiB wishes you all the very best this year! Have a very Happy New Year!!!

Happy New Year | OrganicIsBeautiful
Happy New Year | OrganicIsBeautiful

2015. Wow.

What a year it has been!

I feel very lucky to be here, healthy and happy and strong. And, of course, I am so happy you are here too.

Thank you, dear reader, for every second spent on the blog, every time you took that extra time to interact with me here on the blog, and away. So here’s to you. To us being the best version of ourself.

I would like to appreciate you guys for the views, comments, shares and likes. Although this blog is still fairly new, it has definitely exceeded my expectations with your help. Using Meemee’s word, to good health, to love and happiness, to purpose, to peace, to progress, to fresh, new, inspiring experiences, and to the getting of more wisdom and understanding. 

P.S: I’m planning a huge one for my birthday next year since I never celebrate, might as well celebrate with my readers, subscribe to the blog via email for more details on that.


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