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White Angelica Skincare

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White Angelica Skincare – Organicisbeautiful.com

Today on OiB I will discuss what white angelica oil is and how it had different benefits for the skin. For all those who have been asking me for the same, its good news for them as I decided to share my own personal White Angelica experience with you. This is why it took time for me to process your request because I wanted to try it on myself first. Let me first tell you what White Angelica is

White Angelica is made up of many different ingredients. It has so many of them that it is often considered as the one and simple solution for many power providing sources. It has Ylang Ylang, Myrrh, geranium, Bergamot, Hyssop, Rosewood, Melissa, Black Spruce, Hawaiian Sandalwood, Rose Otto in it. This is why the presence of many oils in one, helps to relieve stress and have a better health besides great skin too.

There are many different benefits of this oil for the skin. You can apply it as follows

  • A few drops can be applied on the shoulders
  • It can also be sprinkled on throats, ears, chest, wrists, neck etc.
  • This oil can also be rubbed in hands and put on heads too

There are many different benefits that I have experienced over time since I started making use of this oil. These benefits are given as follows

White Angelica Skincare - Organicisbeautiful.com
White Angelica Skincare – Organicisbeautiful.com
  • Cleansing

Angelica oil is di-uretic. This is why it also promotes perspiration and brings about a little bit of frequent urination as well. This in turn helps the removal of toxins and harmful elements from the body. As a result, not only the skin but the whole body is cleansed and cleaned as well. The removal of these toxins from the body gives younger looking and fresh skin

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  • Protection

White Angelica oil is called Angelic because it is known to provide great protection of the person from harmful elements. It makes up for a protective layer around the skin which is why it remains very beneficial for the skin to stay healthy and good for the person who sprinkles it.

  • Moisturization

The skin beautification is also a process that takes place through the White Angelica Oil. It serves as a light moisturizer and helps to regain different functions beside the natural aroma

  • Smell and Appearance

White Angelica Oil has lots of benefits even when it is simply applied to the skin. It has a very sweet as well as warm and floral fragrance. This is why it always feels good as it can also be used for the same here.

White Angelica oil is also applied to different parts and area of the skin for many benefits. This helps to increase the outward appearance of the skin and adds to its blend as well.

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The above specified points are different White Angelica Oil benefits that can be guaranteed with the application of this oil. It also has many other spiritual healing benefits besides this. This is also why people should start using it very soon because it is very easy to be applied and taken advantage as well. Let me know your views through the comment section below.

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Tangerine Oil

I use Organic Tangerine Oil to reduce my pimples (& it worked)

I use Organic Tangerine Oil to reduce my pimples (& it worked) - Organicisbeautiful.com
I use Organic Tangerine Oil to reduce my pimples (& it worked) – Organicisbeautiful.com

Welcome to OiB love. Today, I will teach something very special and close to my heart. That is because it saved me from a lot of pimples and embarrassment. Well, pimples can be extremely annoying because they always pop up at the wrong moments.

Perhaps, you had a date and while getting ready in the evening noticed pimples all over your face. Do you remember? How bad? Well, that is no longer going to be possible, with the help of organic Tangerine oil. Yes, it is true.

Tangerine is a citrus smelling food item and was originally found in the nature of China. The Chinese used it a lot in preparing medicines and health products. Tangerine is also called as mandarin and can be made into in herbal oils as well as beautifully scented perfumes.

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The ultimate beauty of the product is that, it can easily correct the imbalances in the body. The main use of Tangerine is to protect your skin. That is because it is a powerful antiseptic and can immediately kill bacteria.

It is ideal for pimples and acnes. Those of you with oily skins need not become upset, as it is phototoxic which makes your skin glow. You might not consider using it when going out in the hot sun. It also helps in the purification of the blood. The toxins present in the blood are removed. 

Tangerine oils also remove kidney or gall bladder stones. Pregnant women, sorry sweeties, you need to avoid them or consult with your doctor first before using it. 

I use Organic Tangerine Oil to reduce my pimples (& it worked) - Organicisbeautiful.com
I use Organic Tangerine Oil to reduce my pimples (& it worked) – Organicisbeautiful.com


  • Some fresh or dried leaves
  • Little oil



Add the desired leaves into a crock pot. The leaves get mixed with the oil under low heat. Once it is done, you need to place the ingredients in a jar near a window sill for 12 hours for the infusion process to be complete.


The next step involves using a still to collect the oil. The leaves need to be heated and you will notice that it becomes slightly into oil. When the steam passes through the leaves, it carries the oils that then condense it to another container.

When cooking, always check the temperature to make sure that you don’t overheat the leaves. Trust me, the oil is just intoxicating. The smell itself is enough to really get into a spell.

So love, are you ready to try this simple DIY and develop better skincare?

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