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Hello folks! Isn’t Monday a Sunday?!

Relaxation |
Relaxation |

Let’s start the week by those beautiful lines, written by a fellow blogger. Reading this short text put a smile on my face, and I hope it will do so for you too.

His words will inspire you to travel more, explore outside your confort and embrace it all with happiness 😉

There are worlds beyond the eye

I know, as I’ve watched them fly

Through the deepest darkest dream

In dimensions too extreme

There are mountains on the moon

Made to visit just not soon

Where the Martians hide and wait

End of us, anticipate

There are forces from the grave

I have seen, but would not rave

As the darkness swallows light

A good heart would surely fright

But in all I’ve seen and more

Only one did I adore

T’was the girl upon my arm

Stole my heart, unearthly charm

Will I venture out again

Maybe yes, but all’s the same

For I’ll never find a view

That is half as good as you

Source: Unearthly Charms

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