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Welcome to my blog Organicisbeautiful.com – or its hypster name OiB.

OiB is a my personal blog. All views, thoughts, feelings, emotions, opinions and interpretations of experiences shared in this blog are personal.

It is weekly filled with pretty awesome content that expresses my life experience, my DIY learning and also some in depth day though like the one I want to start my official disclaimer page with:

“Expect nothing and appreciate everything”

Disclaimer below:

This blog reflects my thoughts and opinions.

It does not reflect the thoughts or opinions of my company, my school mates, my flatmates, my personal trainer, my bicycle, my keys, or my Macbook.

There is no “One size fit all”.

The skin care advice and DIY tips I offer on my blog are not meant to be ‘one-size-fits-all’ treatment. You should always do your own research and check that the said oil, powder, cream, soap or accessories is suitable for you.

Outside food not allowed.

Comment are welcome in my blog. However, I, as the owner of the blog, reserve the right to delete or edit comments at my discretion. Any comments that are, or contain, libelous, abusive, racist or offensive language will be flushed in the toilet.

Content: sharing is loving !

All original content on this blog is Copyright to the authors, unless explicitly stated otherwise. Feel free to link to me but if you would like to re-use any of the material here, cite or quote me, I would appreciate it if you would just drop me an email to ask my permission first (though I’m really very nice and am likely to say yes!) – hello (at) organicisbeautiful [dot] com

I am a human, not a robot.

Over time, as I come to learn more and develop my understanding about the things and issues that I am blogging about, my thoughts and opinions may change without assigning any reason.


If you wish to know more about me or any issues I write about in the blog, please email me at hello (at) organicisbeautiful (dot) com.

One last thing:

My employer(s) should be assured that, if I work for them, I will not be writing here about any work-related discussions within or outside work, good or bad relationships, proprietary information, or stories that would be detrimental to my employer. I adhere to the terms of confidentiality and non-disclosure and the highest professional expectations as agreed upon with my employer.

This Disclaimer is effective as of September 2015 and was partly taken from here.

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