Jasmine Oil – Homemade Skin Care

Jasmine Oil

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They say you can’t grab two melons in one hand but this isn’t true in the case of Jasmine Oil which is extracted from the petals of Jasmine. At first, the flowers are gathered in one place at night in order to preserve their scent. Next up, they’re placed on soaked olive oils and cotton cloths for several days and then extracted. Typically, Jasmine has fragrant white or sometimes light pink blossoms. These can grow to around 30 feet in height and 15 feet in width. These flowers start forming in spring and rest in winter. Ideally, Jasmine should be grown in warm climates (with high humidity and adequate light) especially in trellises. However, in cold weather it will lose its green leaves. It is also important to contain its size therefore, it should be pruned drastically. Jasmine is an ideal plant for your house or garden because it will increase the beauty of your place and give you the benefits which we will discuss now.

Jasmine Oil – Homemade Skin Care – Organicisbeautiful.com

Benefits of Jasmine Oil:

  1. Jasmine Oil has antidepressant properties which aids in decreasing stress and tension. This eventually leads to a relaxed state of mind and body.
  2. Jasmine Oil also makes you more confident and energize yourself.
  3. It is pretty effective in nullifying cough, hoarseness and laryngitis
  4. This oil is good for muscles and helps in relieving muscle pain caused by stiffness, ache or sprain.
  5. If you have any scars or stretch marks on your body then Jasmine Oil will help in reducing them.
  6. Makes your skin tight and much more elastic
  7. Balances your skin if it is too oily or too dry.

Uses of Jasmin Oil:

Typically Jasmine Oil is used for:

  1. Medical purposes: such as body pain or respiratory ailments.
  2. Aromatherapy
  3. Perfumes
  4. Homemade and commercial skincare products like lotions, soaps, bath oils and shampoos.
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Jasmine Oil – Homemade Skin Care – Organicisbeautiful.com

Important Precautions:

Before you start using Jasmine Oil, you should take the following precautionary measures:

  1. Don’t use this oil if you have allergy to jasmine (although it is quite rare)
  2. Pregnant women should strictly avoid its use because the emmenagogue characteristics provoke menstruation.
  3. If you’re one of these people who believes in DIY Homemade items then you should be very careful in deciding how much quantity of Jasmin Oil you should use in your solution. Remember, a drop of jasmine Oil is usually enough. I would also suggest that you never use extra amount of oils and avoid using them RAW or straight. That’s why, it is important that they are properly diluted in a buffering agent like soap, lotion etc.

How to make Jasmine Tea at Home:

Gather about 5 to 10 fresh washed flowers per cup, add flowers to a coffee mug & pour water over flowers, steep 5 to 7 minutes & sweeten to taste with raw honey.

For an even better tea packed with benefits add the flowers in with white tea, green tea or black tea while steeping.


I would like to end by saying that 100% natural Jasmine Oil is very expensive because of the cost require to extract it and the amount of petals needed to produce one ounce. That’s why it is a very rare commodity and one of the most expensive aromatherapy methods out there.

As always please share your experience good or bad you’ve had with Jasmine Oil or if you simply want to share any personal tricks that could maximize the benefit.

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Jasmine Oil


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