Is Your Skin Dry or Just Dehydrated? Don’t Know Well? Know It Now!

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We all have love/hate relation with our skin. Too Oily? Too Dry? It can easu drives anyone crazy! Today on OiB, let’s break the ice and start by the basic shall we?

Our skin condition of being dry or being dehydrated.

Are you not sure of what you actually are having? If yes, then this article is a must read because it helped me to find it out for myself as well. When I knew the difference, I could handle it well already! And, flolks, I made it easy for you and collected those differences below.

In order to know the basic difference between both of them, it is important that we know how both conditions rate or develop. Dry skin can be a common problem and might have normal to serious prolonged problems. On the other hand, dehydrated skin is an issue right from the start and can arise from different situations as well. The actual difference lies here that one is a skin type and the other is a skin condition.

Know Your Own Skin Type |
Know Your Own Skin Type |

A skin type is what anyone is born with. This means anyone can be born with dry skin already which means this is a skin type. On the other hand, dehydrated skin is a skin condition and can happen due to changes and a few factors that have affected the skin to alter it. This also means that while dealing with dehydrated skin can be temporary, dealing with dry skin is constant even though when dehydrated skin is a problem right from the very start.

Dehydrated Skin

  • Dehydrated skin produces a lot of oil
  • It can be tight and dry itself too, besides having flakes
  • Dehydration is a worse condition because it is dry and dehydrated both (dry under, oily above)
  • Dehydrated skin depends upon the weather as well as your hobbies. This includes having a regular sauna, swimming or any other such activity.
  • The oil in dehydrated skin is not consistent as it can be different at different times and conditions.
  • Dehydrated skin condition can happen to anyone independent of their skin type being good, normal or sensitive.
  • Dehydration can also be caused if the wrong products are used for the skin which is why it can happen to anyone using a wrong cream, a wrong beauty care item or even a wrong makeup product. It can also occur by applying something too frequently or using too many products for one thing at the same time too. It can also occur because of lack of water.

Dry skin

  • No oil
  • Is dry and can be loose or tight anything besides not being flaky.
  • Dry skin is a normal condition
  • Dry skin only depends upon the weather and is independent of one’s hobbies whether they are swimming, jumping, stressing etc.
  • The oiliness or dryness is almost consistent all the time.
  • Dry skin belongs to a specific type of skin that one is born with.

The above differences are well enough to distinguish one condition from the other.

Eat Good Feel Good | OrganicIsBeautiful
Eat Good Feel Good | OrganicIsBeautiful

As usual, keep in mind that a good and natural skincare routine and healthy nutrition are needed to keep your skin happy. No tricks here 😉

Well, if you have some other tips of your own to distinguish, don’t forget to share them below!

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  1. Well I never knew that my ‘oily’ skin may be down to dehydration! What an illuminating fact you have taught me! Thanks so much – I am definitely going to be drinking more water!!! x

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