How to Hero Pose

Virasana (Hero Pose) is a simple, seated posture. Virasana is Sanskrit word means Hero Pose. It is an
excellent meditating and wonderful pose for our knees to stay healthy and mobile. This pose is also
helpful to increase the flexibility of our legs by stretching the feet, ankles, thighs, and knees. In Sanskrit,
“Vira” means hero, chief, man or warrior; and “Asana” means pose, sit or posture. Thus the English term
is “Hero Pose” (Virasana). Many of us have confusion about the Vajrasana Pose (thunderbolt or diamond
pose) and Virasana Pose (Hero Pose) as both slightly seems same but has a different. In Vajrasana, our
feet touch each other; there is no gap between our feet. However, in Virasana, there is a gap between
our feet and our hip is placed in between our toes.
Please note that if you have had an ankle or knee injury, you should avoid Hero Pose.
Here’s the step-by- step guide for doing the Hero Pose.
Step 1

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 Start by kneeling on floor or mat with your thighs perpendicular to the yoga mat or floor.
 Keep the top of your feet flatly on the floor or mat. Bring your inner knees closer together and
put your buttock on your heels.
 If you feel any strain and uncomfortable in your knees, keep a block or rolled blanket
underneath your seat or you can go back to the first stage of this pose.

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 Keep your hands on your thighs and relax. If you feel the knees, ankles, and shins are flexible
and open enough, take attempt to move deeper into the pose by placing your feet separating.
 Then make your feet separately, slightly wider than your hips. Keep the feet in line with the

Step 2

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 Now, bring your palms on the ground behind yourself. Put your palms straight under your
 Push your shoulder blades towards each other, allowing your hands to firm better on the
ground. Keep your fingers pointed to your front.
 Keep your head neutral. Gaze on a point that doesn’t require your head movement.
 Push your back to your belly. As your body bends, you’ll feel the stretch of your thigh muscles.
 Keep breathing normally. Relax your feet on the ground.

Step 3

 Gently bend your elbows and put them on the ground. Bring your palms together and make an
interlocking finger squeeze. Your palms should be directly under your spine and lower back.
 Bring your elbows under your shoulders. Your hand will be looking like an “L” from your
 Put your body weight on your elbows. Share equal weight while you bring your upper body
more downwards. You’ll feel more stretch in your thigh muscles.
Step 4

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 Gently move your hands from your backside. Bring them on both sides of your body.
 Lie down on the ground on your back. Rest your head on the ground. Feel the full stretch of your
thigh muscles.
 With your hands, make a grip on your ankles. You can pull your legs to stretch further.
 Push your torso upwards. Tighten your abdominal muscles.
 Breathe gently and softly.
You’re in Hero Pose. Hold the pose for 1-2 minutes. If you feel comfortable, you can hold longer.
To release, lie down on the ground and bring your back straight. The heels should be touching the
ground and your legs relaxing, like “Shavasana”, also known as Corpse Pose.
You can modify the pose according to your comfort and personal choice. If you’re a beginner or not
flexible enough to lie down properly, you can use support like a pillow, bolster or folded blankets. Use
the necessary height to make you reasonably comfortable in the pose.

For releasing your groins, you can put some weight around the creases of your top thighs, the place
where the join with front pelvis is. It’s recommended to use a sandbag and increase the weight gradually
over time.

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Benefits of Hero Pose
There are numerous benefits of this yoga pose. This pose involves so many body parts in every step,
making it an ideal yoga pose for both physical and mental benefits.

Some of the benefits include –

  •  Improved flexibility in your hips, legs, and knees
  •  Brings hips, legs, and knees in a perfect alignment
  •  Widens the hips
  •  Stretches the spine
  •  Strengthen your lower back and related muscles
  •  Relaxes tired legs
  •  Digestive improvement
  •  Improving strength of arches

Hero Pose can be a great component for your everyday lifestyle. With all the flexibility, strength and
improvements, you’ll be able to enjoy your life better than ever. Have fun with Hero pose and learning
about your body!

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