How to Cobbler Pose

Exercise is one of the best and easiest ways to keep fit and sound. Our body is a combination of numerous organs, limbs and complex systems that work altogether and keeps ourselves alive. Exercise is a great way to keep the components of our body in the perfect state. No matter what age you’re, exercise is really good for anyone. It helps your body grow strength and flexibility. Your blood circulation, digestion, and immunity will be a lot stronger as well. Numerous diseases can be relieved from doing exercise regularly. There are a variety of exercises that are suitable for different ages, physical conditions, and other factors. Yoga is one of the oldest and very effective forms of exercise. It has been ongoing for more than 5000 years. It’s a collection of various poses that focus on different parts and limbs of your body. Yoga is both a simple and complex form that also focuses on your mental and spiritual health at the same time. Cobbler’s Pose is an effective and powerful yoga pose with diverse benefits. The real, Sanskrit name is “Baddha Konasana”. The word “Baddha” means restrained, bound or chained; “Kona” means corner or angle; “Asana” means pose. That’s how “Bound Angle Pose” is another name of this nice pose. It’s extremely helpful for groins, hips, and thighs at the same time.
Here’s how you do Cobbler’s Pose.
Step 1

 Sit on the mat. Keep your back and spine erect. Put your palms on the mat and relax your hands and shoulders. Stretch your legs straight in front of you.  Now, gently hold both your feet together like the picture. Bend your knees and put your feet on the ground flat.  Bring your knees towards your chest. Keep them wide apart – your shoulder wide.  Keep your head neutral and relaxed.
Step 2

 Put your legs on the ground. Your soles should be contacted with each other.
 Have a grip of your ankle with your palms. Your leg should be resting on the ground in a relaxed
 Keep your body straight and your head on your spine.
Step 3

 Pull your feet towards your body, keeping your back straight as before. Breathe normally.  Your knees should be slightly above the ground. Try to push them to the ground as much as possible. Your legs will look like a butterfly.
Step 4

 Make an interlocking finger squeeze on the toes of your legs.  Bend your body forward a bit. Your head should be straight to your spine.  Try to touch the ground with your knees as much as possible with your knees. Feel the stretch in
your groins.
Step 5

 Bring your head towards your feet. Bend your body forward as much as possible and touch your feet with your forehead. Stretch your spine and rest your head on your feet.  Spread your arms in front of you. Keep them shoulder wide apart. The palms should be touching the ground.  Note that your feet should be closer to your body as much as your flexibility allows you. Touch the ground with your knees or minimize the gap to the lowest. Now, you’re in Cobbler’s Pose. Hold the pose for 1-2 minutes. Then, release the pose by bringing your back straight and your legs spread in front of you. You can do it a few times with short break periods.

This pose is at a medium difficulty level. However, the benefits are immense. Because of the pose, your body is having a lot more flexibility and other improvements.

Here is a short list of your physical improvements.
 Stimulates kidneys, bladder and other abdominal organs, especially your digestive system to function better.
 Improves blood circulation and rouses the heart.
 Stretches your groins, thighs, and knees very good.
 Big relief in your fatigue condition
 Releases your pain of sciatica
However, if you’re facing the following situations, it’s better not to do this pose.

 Suffering from a hip or shoulder injury.
 You just had a baby. This pose might be a little difficult if you’re a beginner in yoga. Learn how to balance your weight equally on your pelvic area while maintaining balance is important. If you feel uncomfortable, you can place a
pillow or a bolster under your knee or thigh. This will allow you a better comfortable situation. Yoga is a great form of exercise that has been evolving into a more effective one with the help of modern science. If you’re a beginner to yoga, this pose could be your first step to some advanced poses. If you’re a pro yogi, this pose will enrich your arsenal of flexibility and other physical improvements.
Even if you’re not a yoga enthusiast, this pose can be extremely helpful for your everyday life. In this modern age, this pose will help you be fit and strong and feel fresh throughout your everyday routine.




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