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Our body is an amazing biological machine that’s capable of doing a lot of unreal and hard tasks very easily. It’s all the power of our muscles, bones and our mind. We’ve been gifted as one of the most complex and powerful minds and bodies all over the earth, maybe in the entire universe. However, we hardly take care of this awesome gift from nature. In this modern age, we all are so busy in doing our own works that we, most of the time, forget to take a look at our physical fitness. It’s really hard to notice, but it’s the lacking of physical fitness that causes us run into various troubles every day. For example, a damn back pain, stress, headache, and all other mental and physical issues that turn our happy everyday lifestyle into a serious pain. Yoga is a very good remedy for such a situation. It’s a type of exercise that relaxes your physical body, calms your mind and gets you rid of all other types of physical injuries. It’s very flexible and can be done without any significant instruments. In fact, it can turn your normal, everyday tools into a practicing instrument. Here are some great yoga postures using the walls of your room that’ll enable you to tap into these benefits.
1. Pushing Against The Wall

Against a Wall | OrganicIsBeautiful
Against a Wall | OrganicIsBeautiful

 Stand in front of an open, smooth wall. Make sure that there’s no obstacles or pins on it. Keep a distance about 2-3 hands between your wall and your feet. Put your hand gently on the wall, allowing a portion of your weight on your hands. Your entire arms should be in a straight line with your shoulders.  Gently put your forearms on the wall. Push your hips backward, keeping them straight with your legs. Your body and your leg should be in an “L” shape.  Firm your hands on the wall. Bend your body from your back further down, stretching your spine and hamstrings. Put your head in a neutral position with a gaze at the wall.
Wait into the pose as long as you can. To release the pose, push the wall with your hands and get on your legs, standing straight. This pose is great for your back, spine and your hamstrings. This pose is also good for relieving your back pain and having better flexibility.
2. Forward Fold

 Forward Fold OrganicIsBeautiful
Forward Fold | OrganicIsBeautiful

 Stand against the wall with your back, hips, and legs touched with it. Your feet and hands shouldbe parallel to each other. Push the floor with your fingertips for having a good grip on the ground. As you exhale, slowly and gently bend your body from your hips. Put your chest and stomach on your thighs. If you’re lacking proper flexibility, you can try out bending your knees a bit to achieve this step. If bent, ensure that your knees are straight at your fingertips. Then, gently straighten your knees. Ensure that your abdomen and chest never leave your thigh.  Push your hips upwards with your hamstring muscles while pushing the ground strongly with
your feet’s fingertips.  Bend down further, allowing your palms reach your ankles without any effort. Your head should be as close as possible to your knee caps. Grab your ankles to provide a better pressure on your
back to bend more. Stretch your spine. Keep your head in a neutral position, not having too much stress or pressure. Wait into the pose for nearly 1-2 minutes. For returning into the normal pose, take a deep breath, release your ankle and gently pull your body upwards. Return your body to the starting position.

This pose is very useful for your flexibility. It pushes your flexibility to your limit and ultimately makes you more flexible. This also works for your back, relieving all types of normal – medium pains. As your hamstrings involved, this pose also powers up your hamstrings.
3. Child’s Pose

Child Pose | OrganicIsBeautiful
Child Pose | OrganicIsBeautiful

 Start with your hands and knees and center your breath.
 Spread your knees wide while keeping your toes attached. Relax your hips on your heels.  Sit up straight, stretching your spine using the crown of your head.
 As you exhale, bow forward, drape your torso between your thighs – your heart and chest should be in a resting position. Touch your head on the floor as well.
 Keep your arms long and stretched, keeping those palms on the wall. Maintain your hips touched with your heels. Stretch starting from your hips up to your armpits and even further through your fingertips.  Widen your upper back, soften and relax your lower back. Relax your shoulders, arms, and necks.

You can hold on to the pose for 3-5 minutes. After completing, return back to sit back on your heels using your hands.
4. Straddle Pose

Straddle Pose | OrganicIsBeautiful
Straddle Pose | OrganicIsBeautiful

 Sit close to the wall – as close as possible. Now, lie down on your back. Put your legs on the wall with your knees bent and scoot your body upwards.  Fix your position so that your hips are touching the wall. Push your legs straight upwards. Your heels should be touching the wall.  Split your legs gently – make sure that your knees don’t bend. Bring your legs as much downwards as possible. With your legs upside and your body downside, you should look like a “Y” shape.  Keep your hands normal on both sides of your body. Rest your head in an impartial position. Stay in the pose for several minutes. If you can hold more, stay longer. To get back on normal position, pull your legs upwards, putting them together on the wall. Now, bend your knees on your chest and roll
yourself on one side.
5. Legs Up the Wall Pose

Legs up the Wall Pose | OrganicIsBeautiful
Legs up the Wall Pose | OrganicIsBeautiful

 Sit nearby the wall. Lie down on your upper back, allowing your chest release and torso relaxed. Keep your hands relaxed on both sides of your body.  At first, bend your knees and put your legs on the wall. Unbend the knees, putting your legs
straight on the wall while your heels touch the wall firmly. Your legs should be close together, feet normal and parallel to the ground.
Hold the pose for around 2-3 minutes. To release the pose, bend your knees to your chest and make a roll on either side of your body. With all these simple, easy and powerful yoga poses, you’ll be able to keep fit with your everyday routines and be relaxed and stress-free. Cheers!

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