La Galette des Rois or How to Be King for A Day?

You may be back at work but don’t start the detox just yet, because Christmas doesn’t finish until the Twelfth Night is done. No, not the Shakespeare play of the same name, but the festivities marking Epiphany, the arrival of the three kings to baby Jesus.

Galette des rois | OrganicIsBeautiful.
Galette des rois | OrganicIsBeautiful. Image Credit Wikipedia.

These days, not many people know much about Twelfth Night, but in the medieval and Tudor periods, it was more important than Christmas Day.

A French Tradition

Galette des rois France | OrganicIsBeautiful. Image Credit Wikipedia.In France, it is called a Galette des Rois and is puff pastry filled with almond paste or frangipane and in the north, Provence and Languedoc it is a Gateau des Rois, a rich brioche made with candied fruits and nuts. Either way, a “fève” or charm is hidden in the cake.

A bit of History

Epiphany is fixed in the christian calendar on January 6 each year, exactly 12 days after the birth of Jesus. And there are plenty of Epiphany rituals – especially regarding food. But as most people no longer have the day off work, it is celebrated on the first Sunday in January and theoretically that is the day, the galette may be cut.

Here in France, L’Epiphanie as it is called, is celebrated with cake.

La Galette des Rois or King’s Cake is eaten for several weeks starting right after Christmas. There are variations on the kind of cake, depending where in France you live.

galette des rois organicisbeautiful
galette des rois

According to tradition, the cake must be divided so that each guest gets a slice plus an extra one called the part du Bon Dieu/Pauvre (Good Lord/Poor) which is reserved for any unexpected stranger. When there are children, the youngest, must go under the table and directs the person serving to whom each slice must be given. The lucky one who gets the fève/charm becomes king or queen for the day and is given a golden crown in paper to wear.

Source: MaisonTravers


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Eggs Salad Sandwich | OrganicIsBeautifu

Back to the Basic – A Killer Egg Salad Sandwich

Healthy + Delicious + Simple Recipe? OiB has it all figured out! Welcome to 2016 😉

Oh Yes =) Fellow bloggers and beloved readers, I suggest we kickstart 2016 with a simple and mouthwatering recipe that nutritious and easy to make. Following CH’s blog instructions, you will find below all the tips to create at home an awesome sandwich recipe today – Egg Salad Sandwich.

The perfect hardboiled egg with the goodness of crispy crunchy salad made with lettuce, onions and jalapenos – yumminess guaranteed. I love boiled egg sandwiches and this is a much fancier version of just the boiled egg and mayo combination.

Not only it makes for a tasty lunch or dinner, it is super easy to make. All you need is to hard boil eggs and meanwhile, whip up the easy salad. Mix everything together and tadaaaa – you are done 😀 This is a much loved dinner recipe at our home and a must try for all egg lovers! 🙂

Eggs Salad Sandwich | OrganicIsBeautifu
Eggs Salad Sandwich | OrganicIsBeautiful

To make Egg Salad Sandwich

Servings: 2          ****       Time: 20 mins      *****    Difficulty: EasyPrint

What I used:

  • Eggs Hardboiled, 2-3
  • Brown Bread Slices, 4-6
  • Iceberg Lettuce, few leaves
  • Eggless Mayonnaise, 2 tbsp
  • Paprika Powder, 1 tsp + extra (to sprinkle on top)
  • Pickled Jalapenos, 6-7 pieces
  • Onion, 1 medium
  • Mustard Sauce, 2 tsp
  • Salt, as required.

How I made:

  1.  In a bowl, add roughly chopped iceberg lettuce (washed and patted dry), finely chopped onions, mustard sauce, chopped jalapenos, paprika powder and egg-less mayonnaise. Add salt required and mix well. The salad is ready.

Fresh eggs | OrganicisBeautiful2. To make the sandwich, place half of the prepared salad on a bread slice. Cut the boiled egg into four slices and place it on top of the salad. Sprinkle some paprika powder on top.

3. Serve immediately either as closed or open sandwich!


  • For perfect hardboiled egg, boil the egg for 12 mins on medium flame and remove from heat. Run the egg in cold water and remove the shell.
  • Egg can be mixed along with the salad. Also, egg can be chopped into bite sized pieces.
  • Other vegetables can be added to the salad, but I wanted egg to be the main ingredient.
  • I used eggless mayonnaise as I don’t like the egg version. Any flavored mayo can be added too.
  • Serve the sandwich immediately – it can go soggy in some time.

Awesome pictures, delicious recipe and easy to read content from CH’s Blog.

Thank you for stopping by,

Amanda 😉

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Happy 2016 !

Time to wish you a lovely start of 2016, OiB, my blog, is now 3 months old, filled with a bunch of information that I hope you find exquisite 😉 More to come soon. To all of you, a Big Welcome to 2016. OiB wishes you all the very best this year! Have a very Happy New Year!!!

Happy New Year | OrganicIsBeautiful
Happy New Year | OrganicIsBeautiful

2015. Wow.

What a year it has been!

I feel very lucky to be here, healthy and happy and strong. And, of course, I am so happy you are here too.

Thank you, dear reader, for every second spent on the blog, every time you took that extra time to interact with me here on the blog, and away. So here’s to you. To us being the best version of ourself.

I would like to appreciate you guys for the views, comments, shares and likes. Although this blog is still fairly new, it has definitely exceeded my expectations with your help. Using Meemee’s word, to good health, to love and happiness, to purpose, to peace, to progress, to fresh, new, inspiring experiences, and to the getting of more wisdom and understanding. 

P.S: I’m planning a huge one for my birthday next year since I never celebrate, might as well celebrate with my readers, subscribe to the blog via email for more details on that.


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When Eating Healthy ISN’T Enough

Have you ever felt this way–you make a ton of dietary changes, but you still. don’t. feel. well.
You’ve gone gluten-free, or even paleo, you’ve gone on a candida diet, and gone sugar-free, you’re taking probiotics, but you’re still sick.
Hannah Hepworth is sharing with us some healthy living tips for When Eating Healthy Isn’t Enough.What to Do When Eating Healthy Isn’t Enough.

Healthy Food | OrganicIsBeautiful
Healthy Food | OrganicIsBeautiful


This has been a toughie for me in the past. You can eat really healthy foods, but if you have a negative mind and are constantly thinking about your huge “to do” list, and that person that cut you off, and your annoying coworker, and how stressful it is to be a mom, then you know what?
You’re going to feel like junk.
You can’t feel good with a negative mind, you just can’t! I’ve written about starting your day with positive affirmations. This can be a great way to set the tone for your day. Another thing you can do is to start a gratitude journal and write down 3 things you are grateful for, first thing in the morning. Try it out! These 2 tips only take a couple minutes but they could really change the tone of your day. Mindfulness OrganicIsBeautiful


The thing about stress is that we can’t avoid it. Stress is a normal part of our life. The thing we can do is manage our stress so that it doesn’t rule our lives. One thing that I’m REEEEALLY really good at is worrying which just adds to stress levels. I’ve been able to stop a lot of worry by using this simple exercise that I write about in this post.

Another thing to do to manage stress is to notice when you’re body starts revving up, and take a 1 minute pause to just breathe.

Relaxation time | OrganicIsBeautiful
Relaxation time | OrganicIsBeautiful

TIPS: One breathing technique I use a lot is deep belly breathing. Lay down if you can, if not do it wherever you are. Breathe in for 5 counts through your nose and concentrate on filling up your stomach with air. (Put your hand on your tummy).

Don’t breathe with your chest, breathe with your belly. Hold the breath for 5 counts and the release through your mouth, slowly for 5 counts. Repeat this until you bring your stress levels down a few notches. This belly breathing technique helps to lower cortisol (stress hormone) levels and really gets you breathing back into your stomach rather than in your chest which is what we do naturally when we are stressed!

Sleep and exercise are so important to our health. I used to exercise so I could eat junk foods. I believed in my teenage years that this was “healthy.” The exercise definitely helped keep my anxiety at bay growing up but I didn’t do my body any service eating all the sweets!


Eat Good Feel Good | OrganicIsBeautiful
Eat Good Feel Good | OrganicIsBeautiful

Exercise is extremely important for our emotional well being. It also, like deep belly breathing, lowers our stress levels and produces good mood hormones and endorphins.

  • Sleep is also important in regulating mood, stress and energy levels. If exercise wipes you out, like it does me lately, try pilates, yoga or walking. You don’t need to run a full sprint and bust your buns. Light exercise will do the trick and you can always work up to more.
  • Sleep greatly determines how we feel. It’s generally better to go to bed earlier and wake up early if you can. Staying up late and sleeping in just doesn’t do the trick and is not nearly as restful. If you can’t go to bed early because of your work then try to catch a cat nap when you can to keep energy levels up and stress hormones down.

Here are some tips for getting to sleep and staying asleep:


This part of health is greatly overlooked. We spend way too much time running around trying to accomplish as much as we can during the day and forget to take time to breathe and just chill.
Take time each day to do things that help you feel relaxed.

– Is it reading a book?
– Playing a game with your kids?
– Fishing?
– Taking a drive?
– Going to the grocery store alone!?
– Knitting?
Whatever it is make sure you do it, every day.
Also who do you love spending time with?
A spouse, children, family member, best friend?

Yoga in my daily life | OrganicIsBeautiful
Yoga in my daily life | OrganicIsBeautiful

Don’t forget about those around you that you love and that make you feel good. A feeling of connectedness with others makes you happy and thus strengthens your health.
I could go on and on about other things that impact your health that aren’t food related but for times sake these are the top and most easily accomplished things you can do to increase your health. As I’ve placed more and more focus on the non food sources of health I’ve seen my health increase so much more. Food is still important I won’t ever discount that but you’ve got to think outside of food as well for true vibrant health!

Article Source from Here.

What are your favorite things, your non negotiables that you do must do to feel vibrant and healthy?
I’d love to hear how you keep a healthy mind and body, please comment below!

Have a wonderful, healthy day,


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Christmas Celebration | OrganicIsBeautiful

OiB Wishes You All a Merry Christmas.

The word “Christmas” brings to mind images of crackling fireplaces and carolers at the door, their breath making little clouds in the cold air. We think of candle-lit church services and poignant crèches. The holiday brings trips to the mall where Santa hoists little ones into his generous lap to hear their wishes. It can also bring deep sadness and longing to be with our friends and loved ones who are far away. At this time of year, we want to connect with those we love.

Christmas waves a magic want over this world, and behold, everything is softer and more beautiful. Norman Vincent Peale.

Christmas Celebration | OrganicIsBeautiful
Christmas Celebration | OrganicIsBeautiful

Merry Christmas to All of you and thank you for following my blog 😉


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Merry Christmas

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