Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

Kuala Lumpur, the Wicked City

Kuala Lumpur, the Wicked City –

My Kuala Lumpur tour has been long late as I planned it earlier this year to visit my friends there. But, never mind. The tropical city is one such place where you can travel all-round the year. It stands 7th amongst the top 10 magnificent cities of the world. And, if you are a foodie, you gonna love KL. The place is a foodie heaven, as you have ample of cafes, restaurants, eateries and street dining all around.


Get prepared to enjoy Durian. The food taste much better than it smells. Though it is forbidden in planes, hotels and taxis, but for all you Durian lovers, it is customary to enjoy a Durian Dinner. And, I personally love to enjoy this as my supper! The famous tropical fruit is just amazing.

Rice with Sambal | OrganicIsBeautiful
Rice with Sambal

Small dried fish curries when prepared with Nasi Lemak carry a yummy taste. I have tried this sumptuous national dish and I warmly recommend it for all.

You cannot ignore the street food of Kuala Lumpur. Do not be scared to taste it. It is warm and there are no chances for you to get sick. The same goes for beverages. I have enjoyed it several times and never had an upset stomach. You certainly don’t have to compromise with your health.

Wildlife OrganicIsBeautiful
Wildlife OrganicIsBeautiful

 Just like the food of KL, the etiquettes and local habits of this nature friendly city are amazing. Regardless of the openness to the global influence and urbanity of the city, KL is still conservative. Chiefly, any behaviour which attracts attention to the people concerned is generally avoided.

OH yes, exposure is a big no-no. You cannot show off your flesh in the public. The dress code os quite conservative and you’re bound to follow the standards. Even at places like beach and while pursuing sports, there are minimum standards to be compiled with. And, yes, when I entered my friend’s house, I had to remove my footwear. Your body language counts a lot. Yes, while greeting someone, you got to use both your hands. And another thing, you cannot touch someone’s head.

The public display of affection is a big no-no! Holding hands is fine, but you kissing are literally prohibited in the public!

But, how can you ignore the beauty of the nature’s paradise. The places of attraction of KL are simply stunning. The major iconic attractions of the city which define its tourism are Petronas Twin Towers, Batu Caves and Colossal Buddha. Right from the organic Lake Gardens to i-City Shah Alam, you’ve places which are mesmerizing and eye-dazzling.

Kuala Lumpur, the Wicked City –

Petronas Twin Towers

Designed in 1998, the towers stand at 452m high. The design and look of the tower is inspired by Islamic art and architecture with a contemporary viewpoint, replicated by glass and steel façade.

Batu Caves

One of the best attractions of KL, this limestone hill comprises of three major caves and some smaller ones too. They are beautiful and exotic.

Menara KL Tower

The most known and famous landmark of KL, Menara KL Tower was made in 1994. This shimmering tower spindle apex is seen from almost all places of Kuala Lumpur.

Oh, alright… I personally had a great trip to the city and would love to recommend this tourist destination for all nature lovers.

Where have you traveled lately? Where do you want to go? 🙂 kuala lumpur

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Kuala Lumpur

Warsaw Poland

A Weekend in Warsaw, Poland

Warsaw –

Warsaw is unlike anywhere else in Poland. You will not find the same ambiance in other cities throughout the world, actually. If you have just a weekend, you need to definitely sort out where you want to go and pray you have a chance to return to this marvellous city at a later date.

Here is a short itinerary to help you see the best of Warsaw, the capital of Poland, on a weekend.

Palace of Culture and Science

The structure of this building—the tallest in Warsaw—is Instagram-worthy. Not only that, but the Palace of Culture and Science has over 3000 rooms. There are offices, institutions, Congress Hall, two private universities, and the Polish Academy of the Sciences housed inside. For tourists, you will want to go to the “trzydziestka,” the terrace on the 30th floor that grants you panoramic views of the city.

Warsaw Rising Museum

This museum is one of the most notable in Warsaw. Exhibitions inside tell the story of occupation and the Warsaw Uprising of 1944, as well as the post-war communist terrors. The museum has close to 1000 exhibitions and 1500 photographs and films detailing this crucial piece of history. Special events, like 3D simulations, are also occasionally available.

Lazienki Krolewskie Park Palace Complex

There is a garden, a museum, palace, and cultural, scientific, and artistic entertainment to be found at the Lazienki Krolewski Park-Palace Complex. You will find yourself spending hours here while visiting the palace, the White House ruins, the Old Orangery, and stunning pavilions scattered throughout the grounds. Romantic, relaxing, and historic. This place cannot be missed.

Fryderyk Chopin Museum

For fans of this classical composer and pianist but also of architecture and history. The Ostrogski Palace in Warsaw is part of the Fryderyk Chopin Museum. Housed inside are many valuable treasures that belonged to Chopin, including the Pleyel grand piano. The palace itself was built in the second half of the 17th century, and it is a sight to behold.

Warsaw –

The Praga District

The remnants of WWII continue to exist in Praga, as well as a renaissance atmosphere of art and progressiveness. Praga is where you find open-air concerts, the Skaryszewski and Praski green spaces, bohemian restaurants and bars, and culture. It is the exact opposite of the romantic Old Town, making it perfect for those seeking some adventure.

Krasinski Square and Dluga Street

These two places are some the oldest, most historic sections of Warsaw. In fact, some sections date back to the Middle Ages. Here, you will find the Raczynski Palace, the Cathedral Church of the Polish Army of Mary (with absolutely gorgeous Baroque architecture), and the Supreme Court of the Republic of Poland.

The history of Warsaw meshes elegantly with modern construction and culture. This city is a whirlwind of arts, science, culture, and savoury food. Wherever you go, you will find something worthy of a picture or exploration. Your weekend is going to go by fast in Warsaw, so make it count and visit these attractions.

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A Weekend in Warsaw, PolaOrganicIsBeautiful Signaturend

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

A Week in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

brazil 2
Brazil –

The stunning beauty of Rio de Janeiro—affectionately called “Rio” by many—is something that attractions millions of visitors throughout the world to the city every single year. Rio de Janeiro may be the second largest metropolitan in Brazil, but it has the most heart and appeal. A week in Rio will be one of adventure, romance, and memories made.

 The Places You Must Go

Though there are numerous locations and attractions for you to see in Rio de Janeiro, these are the recommended must-see spots:

  1. Sugarloaf Mountain

Everyone who has gone to Rio talks about this mountain. It is always at the top of the must-see lists, too. Sugarloaf Mountain is a colossal peak of granite and quartz stones in the middle of Guanabara Bay. Take the 20-minute cable car ride up to the base, called Babilonia Hill then continue the hike from there.

  1. Lapa Neighborhood

Once Rio’s red light district, Lapa is now the epicenter of nightlife and vivid Brazilian culture. Whether you simply want to see architecture dating back to the 1800s or party it up at the samba and choro bars, Lapa has something for everyone. Be sure to try the national cocktail, caipirinha, which comes from sugarcane liquor and lime. Then try to climb the famous mosaic stairway, Escadaria Selaron.

  1. Jardim Botantico

Otherwise known as Rio’s botanical gardens. Built in the 1800s, the garden has since then grown to house over 8000 species of flora from around the world. The recommended area is the long pathway lined with mammoth palm trees. For those who love education, the Museu do Meio Ambiente, which focuses on nature preservation and various environments, is for you.

brazil 3
Brazil –
  1. Ipanema and Copacabana

These two beaches are famous around the world. The sights, the sounds, the soft sand, and the shopping make Ipanema a winner for those seeking luxury. Copacabana is where you can find Fort Copacabana, which now operates as a wartime museum. Plenty to see and do here—not just swimming!

  1. Tijuca National Park

Located within this broad expanse of green is Rio de Janeiro’s highest mountain, the Pico da Tijuca. At the top of the mountain, you will be gifted with breathtaking views of Guanabara Bay. The national park has a fascinating history, as well as attractions to be found amongst the leaves. Be sure to stop by for the Mayrink Chapel, which features hand-painted murals by the famous painter Candido Portinari, and the gorgeous Cascatinha Waterfall.

Transportation Tips

Locals will tell you to never rent a car, because the traffic is, one, crazy, and two, the price of the rental is outrageous. If you are on a budget, consider taking the public transportation.

The BRT (Bus Rapid Transport) in Rio de Janeiro is not only reliable, the roads have dedicated lanes for these buses. You should always try the subway system, which rarely gets behind schedule. The BRT also has express service to and from the international airport.

Rio de Janeiro is a city that is impossible to describe. The energy and personality is captivating. You will find yourself swept up by the passionate music, the delicious food, and the jaw-dropping beauty of the landscape.

Wherever you go, Rio will never disappoint!

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Week in Rio de Janeiro

The Philippines Experience

philippines 2
The philippines –

The Philippines is a famous island archipelago with more than 7,100 islands. People also know it as the “Pearl of the Orient”. It boasts wonderful beaches, diverse wildlife, good climate and incredibly hospitable people. I have stayed in the Philippines for only 10 days and I left with extraordinary experiences and happy memories.


Being colonized by the Spanish, Americans, and Japanese, the country is a melting pot of many cultures. The East-West influences transcend to the people, their food, language, and belief.

I personally had no problem with conversing with the locals because the majority of them know how to speak English. This gave me an opportunity to have a proper conversation with them. Almost everything in the Philippines is also cheap. If you are looking for a decent place to stay, clean and affordable hotels can give you a competitive rate. Accommodation options such as AirBnB and some travel hostels are also available. Aside from lodging, the food is superb. I was able to choose from a lot of options. There are fresh seafood, organic vegetables and fruits and even Western cuisines if you are not into the local cookeries. The options are limitless.

The unpleasant experiences that I had are with transportation. The country is still developing. With that, transportation is not as expansive and efficient compared to Western standards. I experienced horrible traffic jams, particularly in EDSA. I saw extremely packed minivans – people sitting like sardines. For budget airlines, delays are a normal scenario. But the thing that bothered me the most is the drivers. I have never encountered drivers that are so rude and reckless. You have to be very mindful not to be run over by passing vehicles.

The philippines –


I have noticed in my travels that some locals will take advantage of tourists or foreigners. The Philippines is not an exception. Some locals will charge you double or triple the price for souvenirs or other merchandise. There are also a lot of taxi drivers trying to rip off foreigners to pay exaggerated amounts in fare. Of course, this is avoidable if you are vigilant. I personally did my research on the price range for certain products and services before my trip. With proper preparation and good planning, you will not be a victim of those who wants to take advantage.

4 years living overseas, feedback and tips.

Another thing I experience is the terrible diesel exhaust in the metro. Since transportation is mainly in the form of buses, cabs, and jeepneys, putrid smoke is unavoidable, especially in the cities. I personally think if you are going to the Philippines for a vacation, avoid urban areas. If not, wear a facemask to prevent inhaling all the fumes from the vehicles.

Petty crimes are rampant in the area. The number of security guards everywhere proves this. I had to blend in the crowd in order not to be a target of thieves aiming for valuables. The key is to be alert. Be mindful of your surroundings, avoid sketchy areas and people, finally, just be on guard.


The Philippines is such a great place to explore. You just have to find what suits you and your budget. Like many places, it has its pros and cons. Just make the most out of your trip and enjoy the moment. As they say, life is a journey, not a destination!

Did you enjoy my article? Have you already been in the philippines?:)

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Melbourne Australia

I used to hate coffee until I landed in Melbourne last week

Melbourne 1 copia
Melbourne –

Melbourne was transformed in the 1850’s by the Victorian gold rush. Today it is Australia’s second largest city and one of fastest growing coffee capitals in the world. The city imports roughly 30 tons of coffee daily. This amounts to a staggering 3 million cups of coffee each day! That’s almost a cup for every person living in the city.

Now, I have never been a fan of coffee. Melbourne, however, changed that.

What makes Melbourne coffee so great?

You can find coffee shops scattered all over Melbourne. They vary from ultra modern upscale ones to small quaint ones hidden in the laneways of the CBD. It is clear that, here, coffee is more than just a beverage. Coffee is a culture all on its own. The atmosphere in this city is constantly humming and alive. It’s contagious. These cafés not only pride themselves on their coffee but have evolved brunch as we know it.
Food and coffee transformed into art. There is something for everyone. Any type of coffee you can imagine. Melbourne is home to many specialty coffee blends and many cafes have in-house roasted beans. This coffee is real, fresh, coffee. And the aroma alone is enough to entice me.

melbourne 2 copia
Melbourne –

The best coffee spots in Melbourne

  • Auction roomsSituated in North Melbourne on 103 – 107 Errol St, Auction Rooms is a lovely rustic Café with a beautiful courtyard. Their coffee is truly sensational. Their white espresso with almond milk is heavenly. And their food in right on par. The menu is full of amazing dishes with flavor combinations that will melt your senses. They source seasonal produce and only stock free range pork and eggs.
  • Twenty & Six 594 Queensberry-street, North Melbourne. Twenty & Six make a version of ice coffee that may have single-handedly changed my opinion on ice coffee forever. They start by making a Horchata (a chai alternative made with rice, almonds, cinnamon and maple). Then, to the chilled Horchata, they add a shot of espresso. It is simply delicious and great for people who aren’t big coffee drinkers. Twenty & Six make good simple foods. There are daily muffins to choose from or you could choose their innovative takeaway lunch box. The lunch box is usually made up of soup, salad, and a sandwich but the ingredients change weekly. I told you Melbourne has transformed both coffee and food. Twenty & Six is all the proof you’ll need.
  • Monk Bodhi DharmaListed number 8 on Yelp’s list of top 100 coffee shops in Australia and with good reason. The Monk Bodhi Dharma is a cozy café situated in one of the many laneways of the city. They have a fully vegetarian menu with many vegan options. Don’t let this discourage you. Their dishes are scrumptious even so. I found that out for myself when I tried their umami mushrooms on a bed of polenta. Their coffee comes in four different blends and is roasted in house. You can choose to add soy, almond or other kinds of milk. Their coffee can also be bought by the bag in the café.
  • The Kettle Black This cleverly named café is located in South Melbourne on Albert Road. It is a beautiful classic building with a lovely terrace and opens modern interior. The Kettle Black is the best known for its brunch. With decadent home-made coconut yogurt (filled with pear, seeds, nuts, fruits and flowers) on the menu, I can see why. This amazing place is vegetarian-friendly and the food is plated so gorgeously you’ll feel guilty for destroying it. To top it all off their coffee is truly excellent. A very popular spot indeed, you may find yourself waiting for a seat. However, this place is totally worth it!
  • Brother Baba Budan On 359 Little Bourne street, Brother Baba Budan is rustic industrial café. There are chairs on the ceiling and wood paneling. This cozy little place is always buzzing and often a little crowded. This is probably due to the fact that their coffee is high quality and very smooth. They have a selection of blends from Seven Seeds (specialty coffee roasters ) and these blends are constantly on rotation. They specialize in coffee and therefore have no menu. Although, they do have a selection of pastries and muffins to accompany your delicious brew.
  • PatriciaOn the corner of Little Bourke and Little William street is Patricia. Patricia also uses Seven Seeds specialty coffee. Patricia is said to serve the best coffee in the city. Making this spot a must even for coffee skeptics like myself. If you don’t like coffee a cup of this might just change your mind. There is also a range of cookies and treats to go along with your OrganicIsBeautiful Signaturecoffee. There is no seating available though as this coffee shop gem is only a takeaway stop. Not that that is a problem for its very many customers. What coffee can’t you have on the go?

Melbourne is a city in love with coffee and it’ll cast its spell on you (like it did with me). The local people and the vibe of this place are like no other in the world. This vibrant coffee culture is one you’ll love to get lost in.

hate coffee until I landed in Melbourne last week

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