Be Somebody Who Makes Everybody Feel Like Somebody

I’m sure that we all have a perspective of ourselves and we all have things we like and dislike about ourselves; looks; attitudes, weaknesses or constant failures. Every one of us places a level of importance on ourselves and we all know that, but what we don’t really pay attention to the reason that we place that level of importance on ourselves.

People are easily scared of being taken for granted! Maybe because of the way they grew up or how the world has become; it doesn’t really matter, what matters is the we do our best to make them see that they are important, in fact, vital to this world.

I have felt like a nobody before, I know what it feels like to be below average in school, I have felt little because I was underemployed, I know how desperate I was to be seen as somebody that matters, I remember how I was looking for the slightest opportunity to prove to myself and any other person that I matter. I have moved from that place now, I do not only feel like somebody, my goal is to become that guy who makes everybody feels special and respected.

I do this every day by praising the little things people do, by genuinely seeking something in everyone that can make them proud and making sure that I announce it constantly.

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Categorie: Inspiration, Quote |

Sometimes the world is such a depressing place and I find myself trying to convince myself that I am important; where am I going to find the energy to help someone feel like somebody? The answer is simple, anytime I succeed in making someone feel special, I feel special too! I feel useful and important and I know that is not just a feeling, it is the truth, I am making the world a better place. I use the following mindset to keep a smile on people’s faces:

  • I put myself in their shoes: Anytime I truly take out time to look at things from the other person’s perspective, I get the opportunity to imagine how that person feels and that allows me to understand to a certain degree, what that person is feeling and to be of help.
  • I keep doing it: I try treating people the way that I would want to be treated: when I interact with people, I try as much as possible to treat them as I would like to see them treat others, that gives me the privilege to pass something to someone that will make the world a better place.
  • It is an obligation: Most people just want to get something from life, we want to take from it and are not really ready to add value to life. I want to change that narrative, so I feel it is my obligation to make people see that they are special, unique and capable.
  • I see people as important: Anybody that develops the ability to see people as important will be able to go out of his way to make sure that they are treated as precious things should be treated – with care. And over time you will find out how much people will love hanging around you. Over time people will also begin to treat you with that level of respect and love.

This is also what I have observed, anywhere I practice this, what I give out gets multiplied and given back to me and to many others, but that doesn’t mean that I should always expect anyone to treat me the way I treat them, because they just might not.

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