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I’m Amanda. Originally from Paris; I studied in the UK, and resided in Shanghai before moving to Malaysia.

2017 Update: I officially moved to Melbourne 🇦🇺

Overall, I lived 7 years outside my home country.

I was freshly graduated when I decided that I was ready for more excitement, my first stop in my journey around the world (oh!) was trilling China.

That was in 2012.

So, what brought me to start my blog today?↓ Read below ↓

∴ Warm Welcome to (OiB)!

I’m so please to have this space to share with you guys my travels adventures into the world of organic and natural skin and body care.

It is all about DIY!

OiB is a platform to express my interest in organic product and show you what is currently out there to use and quickly adopt! In my quest to live a more sustainable and organic lifestyle, one of my goals has been to learn and discover personal beauty products that are organic and chemical free.

In short, Organicisbeautiful (OiB) is a community-based blog about the choice you make when it comes to your personal lifestyle.

∴ Where is all started.

3 year ago, I promise myself that I would make my HEALTH, My Number 1 Priority. I realized that I used to rely on products that were more harmful for me than I though.

It was time for a change.

  • I started to run and became a trail marathon participants.
  • Traveling made me more humble, appreciative and overall happier.
  • I turned to organic alternatives for my beauty and skin care.
  • Update 2017 – I joined Yoga, and loved it.

Mid 2014, I decided to exclusively use organic product in my skin. No more branding, simple and natural skin product: coconut oil, aloe vera or shea butter to name a few 😉

Taking it a step further, I am now an avid enthusiast in DIY 100% natural skin care regimen.

∴ What I learn (so far) after 3 years living in Asia.

It is actually from Kuala Lumpur, my current home that I started this blog.

OrganicIsBeautiful® Our first logo banner, feels like vintage!
OrganicIsBeautiful® Our first logo banner, feels like vintage!

I moved to Kuala Lumpur in 2014 for a professional opportunity. I am an analyst. Quiet and disciplined job, I like it.

I lived a year in Shanghai and two years in Kuala Lumpur. Both city, you will say, are part of Asia, right? Yet, both have more differences than similarities.

  • Kuala Lumpur is a colorful mess.
The Heart of Kuala Lumpur - Jalan Alor.
The Heart of Kuala Lumpur – Jalan Alor.

KL is a tropical mega-city: bubbly by night, noisy by day! I would describe the city vibe as a firework ready to explode at anytime. I will you Christian’s blog words to describe the environment:

As the sun sets and evening arrives, it slowly comes to life. Chairs and tables spread into the sidewalks, until eventually, it invades the whole road. Overhead, lamps light up one after another, until the whole strip is sparkling like a cabaret.
Warm weather, awesome cuisine and multicultural population, the capital of Malaysia is famously ranked in the top 10 most humid city in the world. Moving to KL in 2014, I faced difficulties handling the air humidity, the first few months, my skin went…oily in a not-so fashion way.
  • Shanghai comes across as a futuristic city.
Shanghai by Night - Picture credit: Business Insider
Shanghai by Night – Picture credit: Business Insider

I honestly thing everyone should live in Shanghai at one point in their life. There is no better city to experience the energy and complex rise of China.

In China, I lived a pretty hectic life. The equation work + social life  was unbalanced: I found it hard to reach a level of  both wealth and health. For instance, the side effect of air pollution in Shanghai. It was unimaginable to go for a 30min sunday afternoon run in the park. Yes, running outdoor was a big no-no!

I had and could see/touch/feel a sticky, oily, ugly skin, Berkkk! When I think now, 1 years later, I realized how the body is a magnificent machine, I knew I was not OK with my image, it affected the rest, like a house of cards.

∴ The concept behind OiB

By choosing to live abroad after my graduation, I got the chance to learn a lot about local and efficient methods to keep a healthy skin and body. There are plenty of traditional beauty recipes that I got exposed to.

First skeptical, I am now and each time amazed by the numerous way of protecting your skin and your body.

The more I travel, the more I discover a range of awesome yet simple day-to-day natural alternatives.

The Burmese Thanaka Powder, the Indian Ayurveda remedies to the Japanese rice water, I have started (OiB) to be a sharing platform, a form of crossroad to uncover, and learn about our world awesome gifts! The globe is our garden, a little farm market full of amazing ingredient to use and adopt.

Because I am a globetrotter by nature, it will be my pleasure to share with you my organic skin care DIY with some insight on my exotic travel destinations

And, OiB is to be consumed with NO moderation!

Now, I eat, sleep, travel and consume organics.

A big thanks would have to go to my sisters and friends for being so supportive. I love hearing from you so if you are a reader of the blog please feel free to send me a message below each post.

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