21 Ways to Drink Water

Coca Cola, Seven Up or Fanta…? Say Au Revoir to the soft drink & Thank You to OiB to remain you the essentials ;). Today, lets rediscover the basics, especially how water is simply the best for your own metabolism. Foods such as fruits and vegetables contain fibre, minerals, vitamins and water.

Categorie: Wellness | www.OrganicIsBeautiful.com
Categorie: Wellness | www.OrganicIsBeautiful.com

SerenaGlow shared some new healthy tips on how to simply improve your eating habits without neglecting the importance of drinking water. 

Getting water from a variety of sources keep your body healthy.

Eat yourself into hydration!

Water | OrganicIsBeautiful
Water | OrganicIsBeautiful

Do you feel better after eating foods with a high water content? What are your favorite foods on the chart? How do you eat them?


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  5. What a beautiful produce stand- I must come for a visit. I love drinking water with any type of fresh fruit or citrus slices. Thank you for liking my blog. I do hope you will check back from time to time.

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