Day: July 5, 2016

Emu Oil Straight from Down Under

When I hear of anything described as a “Miracle”, instinctively I want to know what it is all about. Especially when it is a word used to describe something that could be good for my appearance and health. Wouldn’t you be interested in something that could make you feel and look better if you were feeling a little bit low or under the weather?

Until recently I’d never heard of Emu Oil but when I heard it referred to as “A miracle from down under” I thought Wow. What could possibly be so good that it is worthy of such a strong and characteristic description.

Curious as I am, I saw an opportunity to explore, combining my love and interest for health and travel.

What is Emu Oil?

The roots of Emu Oil

Finding out about emu Oil took me on an amazing adventure as I learned that Emu oil was native o`f Australia. The Emu is an animal from the same country, a large ostrich like bird that is unable to fly. I wanted to know more and I delved even deeper into the notions that makes Emu Oil so intriguing.

This is how it looks like:

Skincare Blog |
Skincare Blog |

If like me, you have an interest in history, there is an even better twist to this tale. Emu Oil has been used by Australian Aborigines for thousands and thousands of years.

Uses of Emu Oil

Emu Oil was only recently introduced into Europe as a natural alternative to moisturisers and sun block whilst later becoming used for burns or other skin related issues or problems. That in itself makes Emu oil an ideal essential in the luggage for those of us who like to travel and embrace on our girly or family holidays in the sun.

Map from ExploreAustralia |
Map from ExploreAustralia |

Made up of a number of different components Emu Oil has the capabilities to deeply penetrate your skin layers for an effective natural treatment. Emu oil is described as being Non-Comedogenic meaning it doesn’t clog the pores of your skin. Other characteristics include Emu oil as being hypoallergenic as not to cause irritation. It also anti-ageing properties!

If like me you lead a busy an active lifestyle we all at some point love and may need a bit of TLC to help us overcome those niggling minor illnesses or injury. This is where Emu Oil comes in. Further uses of Emu oil include:

  • Pain relief
  • Treatment of minor injuries, aches and pain
  • Healing of wounds by offering a protective element to the skin from weather conditions and climate

My Experience

Having intrigued me that much, the history and appeal of the Emu oil was such that I just had to try it. I needed to see how health, beauty and travel were all brought together in this natural so called miracle that is Emu Oil.

My life is both busy and active. As a keen sportsperson [recall my 50km marathon run last year? ] it’s an unfortunate yet common occurrence for me to suffer from aches pains and muscular discomfort, that’s aside the day to day stresses that can be apparent with the responsibility of combining work and looking after my friends.

When using Emu Oil I instantly felt a great sense of relief and relaxation as I gently massaged a small quantity onto my aching muscles and joints. Finally I had some me time. My reaction was simply wow. The results and impact of the emu oil were instant as it soothed my aches and pains providing me with effective relief. I was delighted to see that over time my skin condition and complexion also improved and learned to love the natural feel of the oil against my skin.


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